10 advices to men how to behave on a dating site.

10 advices to men how to behave on a dating site.

Hello, dear friend!

So, you were registered on a dating site. And, by it, you want that communicated with you that paid attention to you. We want to give to you several advices which will help to you:
  1. Surely post the photo on the website. There is an opinion that character of the man, but not his appearance is more important for the woman. By and large, this is true. And still it is not an occasion to refuse placement of the photo. First, questionnaires with photos always attract bigger interest. Secondly, to communicate with the person whom appearance of which is known, somehow more comfortably. Lack of the photo causes suspicions.
  2. Write pleasant girls. Don’t wait that will begin to write you. So it has developed that the man in the relations is always in the lead. Not each girl can approach on the street the pleasant man that will get acquainted. Not everyone can write to the first. Means, you should show an initiative. If you sit and wait until begin to write you, then you cannot wait for it at all.
  3. You look not only at the photo of the girl, but also at what is written in her questionnaire. This council first of all for those who have come to the website in search of the serious relations or even future spouse. Many men pay attention only to girls of model appearance. But you remember that if you look for the serious relations, then you should also communicate with this girl. Think whether it is necessary to you that with which you have nothing will be to talk even if she will be incredibly beautiful.
  4. Corresponding with the girl, ask her questions. Show that you want to learn about her more. The feeling of a step here too won’t prevent. To you it isn’t necessary to extort for the second day of communication from her information on the income or on her former men. By the way, don’t forget to tell about yourself. Be not a bore. Remember that the one who tells nothing about himself is also uninteresting, as well as the one who constantly speaks only about himself, without being interested in anything in another.
  5. Communicate! Write coherent phrases in messages, conduct dialogue. If you “wink” and send indefinitely smile, at the girl interest in you will quickly be gone.
  6. Be polite and charming. Gloomy boors are interesting to nobody. Avoid sharp statements and obscene language. It seems obvious, but, believe, there are those who violate this elementary rule.
  7. Write regularly. The girl will hardly perceive the one who sends one message in two weeks seriously. How often it is necessary to write? It is difficult to answer this question. We would suggest you to adapt to the girl with whom you correspond.
  8. And now several words what can’t be done not in which case. You don’t teach your interlocutor to live. Most of people, irrespective of a floor, it awfully irritates. Don’t arrange in correspondence of aggressive discussions, especially avoid subjects of policy and religion. For similar disputes on the Internet there are much more suitable places, than a dating site. You don’t press on the interlocutor and don’t try to order. You remember — she has to nothing to you. And if you behave unacceptably, for her the simplest option it will be simple to stop communication with you.
  9. Be attentive, on dating sites you can face swindlers. Never send sms to the short numbers sent you by the girl. Never send any money to the girl about which you communicate on the website. Any request for transfer of money is an absolute indicator that you communicate with swindlers.
  10. Don’t allow failures to break you. There were no relations with one girl? It is not an occasion to worry and forever to leave the website. Continue the search, communicate and, perhaps, once you will meet on our website that, you only one.

Thank you for your attention. Have a good time!

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