4 basic rules of acquaintance with the girl in network.

4 basic rules of acquaintance with the girl in network.

Hello, dear friend!

How to distinguish the real Mary “Sweetly” from the gloomy foreman David “Like beer” having a good time acquaintances in social networks under the guise of the charming girl?

  1. :))))))))))

As a rule, speech of the woman more emotionally. And written language not an exception: the girl uses more adjectives, epithets, comparisons, images and metaphors. Her text often differs in an expressive punctuation — abundance of exclamation marks and dots. And still smiles, smiles, smiles.

  1. What do you mean?

The woman pays attention to details, the man is inclined to be focused on an essence and not to notice a particular. The woman looks for (and finds) implication. The man perceives words as is. That is, if the virtual interlocutor in an emphasis doesn’t see all your hints and messages between lines — it is possible, this is the man. (Or perhaps you just weren’t pleasant to her.)

  1. Inhuman logic.

Letters of the man at acquaintances in network are in most cases better structured. In questions-answers easily traced communication and logic, jumps from a subject on a subject are rare. From time to time some abstract, dry reasoning’s come across (“if in Apple new Jobs doesn’t appear, the future of the company will be not such bright, as her past”). The man not only notices less particulars during the conversation, he also seeks to report less concrete details. (But there is a chance that the young lady with men’s logic has got to you. Don’t miss!)

  1. Check by sex

There are subjects which can quite be used as a litmus piece of paper. Start deliberately sexist conversation on inequality of floors. If the interlocutor reacts sharp disagreement or indulgent arrogance, then most likely in touch the girl. Hint that there is a point of view as if the woman always has to watch herself, to be well-groomed and harmonious, and it isn’t so important for the man. In reply you will hear a lot of interesting from the girl and a quiet consent from the man. And here questions of equality in sex, on the contrary, will get a bigger emotional response from men, than at women.

Practical work

You have asked whether such movie is pleasant to her. How to distinguish Mary and David.

  1.  “The excellent movie — the complicated story, at once several subject lines, good camerawork and actors are picked up that it is necessary”.
  2.  ” Cool movie! Actors all such cuties! And suits! I in general love romantic movies. You remember how at the end he has looked at her…… A look, just like at the demon! And here I don’t love Kassel — it has a foolish nose”.

Thank you for your attention. Have a good time!

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