4 Secrets of successful acquaintance in the network.

4 Secrets of successful acquaintance in the network.

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Internet acquaintances are still popular. And judging by results of statistics, chances to enter into the relations in social networks very bikes. But how to reduce number of unsuccessful appointments and to bring closer a long-awaited meeting with the destiny? The psychologist Elie Finquel gives advice to those who expect to find love in Network.

Popularity of dating sites every day grows. All of us more often choose potential partners on the Internet. The main danger which traps us at such acquaintances, that, communicating with the invisible interlocutor, we often create about him (and about ourselves) incorrect impression. Estimating someone according to messages or posts on the page in social networks, the probability to be deceived is high. To avoid mistakes and disappointments, take simple advice of the psychologist.

  1. Don’t waste time

From the number of candidates eyes run up, but try to narrow search parameters – otherwise you risk to spend for it all life. Define for yourself some of the most important criteria (age, education, a social status, the residence, traits of character) and at once enter into a correspondence to suitable people.

  1. Not too much to rely on questionnaires

Virtual tests don’t guarantee absolute hit – according to them you just carry out initial elimination in the ocean of photos and questionnaires. They help to decide only on the most general parameters: region of residence, education… For the rest trust the intuition.

  1. Don’t delay correspondence

Communication online makes sense at an acquaintance setting stage. Give yourself time for exchange of letters, but don’t give in to temptation to prolong this stage. If the new acquaintance is interesting to you, as soon as possible make an appointment face to face. Long exchange of letters can mislead – even if the interlocutor is extremely sincere, we necessarily begin to build the imagined image which for certain won’t coincide with reality. It is more useful to meet the candidate who has interested you and to be defined whether it is worth continuing communication.

  1. Meet in the café

Where to appoint the first meeting? The optimum choice as show researches, – the invitation to a cup of coffee in democratic coffee house. A visit of cinema, on a concert, an exhibition or even in restaurant – the unsuccessful decision as the meeting in the crowded place doesn’t give complete idea of the person. And the atmosphere of cafe and a table d’hote create effect of trust and a mood at each other.

We hope to you article was pleasant. Good luck!

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