99 alternative and budgetary options for appointments.

  • 99 alternative and budgetary options for appointments

At many people of an appointment are associated with big expenditure and campaigns on expensive restaurants and cinema. First, it is really expensive, and secondly, it quickly becomes boring and, you see, it is too boring. We offer 99 alternative and enough budgetary options for a romantic appointment.

Options of appointments:

  1. Prepare each other your house specialties.
  2. Give nostalgic party of viewing of movies. Watch your favorite movies for school days.
  3. Look at a free improvisational show.
  4. Arrange a romantic campaign on the nature.
  5. You descend on a picnic, having prepared each other tasty food.
  6. You descend on a farmer fair, drink freshly squeezed juice and try tasty snack.
  7. You walk on the museums in which both of you weren’t (preferably those days when a free admission, for example, during the international campaign “Night in the museum”).
  8. You descend for evening of a free karaoke and open the hearts to the song.
  9. Visit cafe with board games and play in plenty. * In our city the shops selling board games organize free weekly actions where it is possible to come and to play free of charge.
  10. One more phenomenon which has come to us from the West — quiz nights or trivia nights. These are evenings quizes where you can flash the erudition. Team game is also similar something to “What? Where? When?”, it is only carried out usually in pubs and bars. Quiz night — an excellent way to spend time if you want activity and communication.
  11. Make an own unusual tourist tour around the city for yourself and visit all places which have planned.
  12. Choose the documentary and discuss it after viewing.
  13. Arrange private book club only for two. Choose the book, read it, and then arrange joint discussion.
  14. Stay together volunteers in orphanage, a shelter for the homeless or in other non-profit organization in which your help is necessary.
  15. You descend together to swim for a while.
  16. Look at stars and try to call constellations which you see. Take with yourself the star chart or use the special application.
  17. Arrange outdoor recreation, observe birds and living creatures and try to identify each blade, a small insect and an animal.
  18. Collect fruit (or buy) at the dacha and think up as it is tasty to make them. Process of joint cooking very much pulls together, and it is simply cheerful.
  19. Plan a joint travel and share photos of places in which each of you wants to be included on a travel extent.
  20. Buy the guide about the country to which you dream to go. Dream together, reading it.
  21. You go together to library and read something together.
  22. You descend together on free class in meditation.
  23. Ride together bikes around the city or on the suburb.
  24. Take everyone on 100 rubles on purchases and look who will manage to spend them with big sense.
  25. Skate on roller-skaters together.
  26. Go skating. It is especially romantic if someone from couple isn’t able or both aren’t able to ride.
  27. You descend on a free excursion to factory.
  28. Play bowling.
  29. Play sports (pair types, such as tennis, badminton, etc.)
  30. Prepare each other a dessert.
  31. Play childish sports.
  32. Arrange a dinner with a fondue, experiment with ingredients.
  33. You descend on fishing.
  34. Take on a horn of creamy ice cream and watch film at auto-movie theater.
  35. Visit a zoo.
  36. You go to jazz bar.
  37. Gather a puzzle.
  38. Attend some local festival.
  39. You descend on flea market and try to find things which then you can restore or decorate together.
  40. Take a walk together in IKEA.
  41. Play minigolf.
  42. You descend on tasting of your favorite drinks or arrange her houses by own efforts.
  43. You descend on an art exhibition.
  44. Draw together.
  45. Try to make difficult origami.
  46. Zadizaynite to the friend/girlfriend to a circle.
  47. You descend on the playground, remember the childhood.
  48. Take a walk together with a dog.
  49. Attend an exhibition of animals.
  50. Create together an album with your best joint memoirs.
  51. Take a picture of each other.
  52. Attend a free lecture.
  53. You descend on an author’s meeting.
  54. Solve together a crossword puzzle.
  55. You descend on a dance lesson. (If you want free of charge, then before a set of new group each dancing school usually conducts open lessons).
  56. You descend on a party in style 80 or 90 and put on suitably.
  57. Ornament together ceramics.
  58. Go on an excursion.
  59. Play childish computer or video games.
  60. Go to the airport and look together at the taking-off planes.
  61. Experiment with cocktails. Think up own combinations and recipes and think up for them names.
  62. Drive on the ferry.
  63. Arrange the camp in the room, make a tent of blankets, get inside and tell each other terrifying stories about reductions.
  64. Fly a kite. Make him even better.
  65. Play in “the truth or action” with each other.
  66. Choose the small territory near the house or outdoors and clean from it all garbage together.
  67. Write each other the letter.
  68. You descend on the beach, build the sand castle and leave stones.
  69. Make each other massage.
  70. Learn something new according to video textbooks from Youtube.
  71. Begin to watch the soap opera together.
  72. Create the joint blog and write to it.
  73. Get on a roof of the high building and enjoy a look. Take with yourself Bengal lights.
  74. Make some joint project. The ideas can be gathered here.
  75. Write the list of affairs which you want to make before you kick the bucket, and share with each other.
  76. Enjoy architecture of your city.
  77. Look together at the play. There is a set of available places where it is possible to look at a performance on the budgetary prices. It concerns statements of the amateur and beginning theatrical groups.
  78. Sit with pets of each other.
  79. You go to bar with darts or billiards and compete with each other.
  80. Attend an open master class (such often pass free of charge or very budgetary at different fairs).
  81. Visit the rock climbing wall.
  82. Play winter entertainments: build a snowman, make a snow angel, drive on the sledge and play snowballs.
  83. You descend on a performance of local group.
  84. Take on discount service some share at a discount and together realize.
  85. Visit a candy store or cafe and just talk, enjoying at the same time sweets.
  86. Look together at sports.
  87. You descend on poetic readings.
  88. Play a war game with toy guns.
  89. Start a heavenly small lamp during evening walk.
  90. Find and study a haunted house.
  91. Get on any bus or the train and leave in the unfamiliar place. Study him.
  92. Make together pizza with the favourite stuffings.
  93. Participate together in some competition.
  94. You descend on the evening film screening of the foreign arthouse movie which is taking place in the schoolhouse or libraries.
  95. Become volunteers in archeological excavations.
  96. Arrange most early in the morning walk or a picnic on the river bank to meet dawn.
  97. Begin to learn together a modern language.
  98. Play the tourist game “Geokeshing”.
  99. Show each other children’s photos.

Thank you for your attention. Have a good time!

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