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Most pretty girls have long become bored with numerous monotonous and unoriginal attempts to seduce them. Many of them suffered from drunken hard workers, who grabbed them for various parts of the body in crowded transport. But no girl can stand before a young man who stands out from the crowd of admirers, who will be something different from this hungry herd. Any girl wants to be owned by someone elected (although few of them are worthy at least just a good guy). All that is required is to convince her that you are different from everyone else. If at the same time observe a few simple rules and know a couple of secrets of seduction, then it will not be particularly difficult.

Structure of the seducing 0

Structure of the seducing.

Hello, dear friend! I still meet “pikaper” which don’t understand that such mutual understanding and an inclination! I will cut out this subject once and for all… (according to Bed boy, the scheme is...

Women Logic. Part 1 0

Women Logic. Part 1

Hello, dear friends! Preface In our century exact knowledge wins all new areas. One of such areas – female logic. The strict statement is in an origin stage. Men’s logic has passed this stage...