What can I give


Vivid memories are much more valuable than any, even the most expensive thing. So think about what impression you could give.

The range of ideas begins with a ticket to the theater or to a concert and ends with a joint trip to a distant country. A flight in a balloon, a hang-glider or in an airtrue, a parachute jump, a hike in an amusement park or a walk on the roofs – something of this will definitely please most of the birthday girls.

Education and development

Another insignificant, but very valuable present. Almost any modern girl will be happy to receive new knowledge in the field of interest.

A gift, depending on the preferences, can be a paid rate of photography, an online art lecture at the top university or a visage course. Even just a good book on an important theme for the birthday girl will be given much better than another teddy bear.


A good gadget is a universal gift for any gender. The main thing is to decide what a specific person might need. New smartphone, tablet, e-book? Or a camera, a projector? Or maybe it’s an external battery or headphones? If you make the right choice, you will still hear gratitude in your address for a long time.

Hobbies related to hobbies

It’s about those hobbies that the girl already has. For example, the artist will definitely be happy to receive a set of quality pencils or pastels, and a sports fan – a thematic accessoryor inventory.

What you obviously do not need to do is to donate things that you think are associated with typical female hobbies.

A set for scrapbooking, knitting needles and threads, as well as charming cupcake molds, can fly into the wall if it turns out that the girl is addicted, for example, to forging.

A gift made by own hands

Like a gift-impression, a thing made with one’s own hand can please much more bought in the store. The main thing is that it was noticeable on it that you decided to make it not from the desire to save, but because you wanted to show attention and care.

Therefore, draw your talents to create a gift. Are fond of music – compose a song. Well draw – write a portrait. Nice to shoot and mount – make a film about the birthday girl. You can work with your hands – create a joint album of photos or make something more practical. A class lamp or chair, made according to your unique design project, will eclipse any nice purchase from IKEA.

Surprise party

This is another way to show the girl how precious she is to you. But in this case you will have to connect not only your imagination, but also your organizational skills: you will need to agree with the friends of the birthday girl so that the holiday is a success.

Ideas for him can be very different. For example, you can arrange a quest for a girl on the memorable places of the city or bring her to the water park or forest, where a secret party will be prepared.


In most cases, this is a 100% hit. It is rare to find a girl who does not like jewelry at all. But when choosing you need to consider several factors:

  1. Actually, whether the girl wears ornaments, and if yes, what. It will be very embarrassing if you give earrings to someone who has not pierced ears.
  2. What style of jewelry the girl prefers. Some like massive ethnic decorations, while others like neat and minimalist. Believe me, if you want to make a good gift, it’s very important to understand this. If you are not sure of your own abilities, ask to help friends or relatives of the birthday girl.
  3. What materials are made of jewelry. It is possible that the girl may be allergic to some alloys. So it is better to give preference to precious metals , surgical steel and natural materials like wood and stone. In addition, any inexpensive silver earrings will always look better than cheap plastic jewelry.

Cosmetics and perfumery

Cosmetics and perfumery

Another type of gift that is nice to get almost any. But there are more pitfalls than in the previous paragraph. What fragrance does a girl like? What it is painted? Is it beautiful at all? What cosmetics for skin care is right for her? And, importantly, are not these funds already worth it on the shelf in the bathroom?

If you are sure that you know the answers accurately, feel free to buy a gift. No? Better get a certificate in the cosmetics store, spa or choose something completely different.

Underwear and sex toys

Underwear and sex toys

Of course, this is an option only for the girl with whom you are in a pair. And of course, from this gift you will also receive a certain profit. But before buying, make sure you know the size of your underwear and your preferences. The latter applies to toys. And you can get acquainted with the possible options in our guide .


This, in principle, can include all of the above items. With only one amendment: you know exactly that the girl has long been dreaming about this thing or this event.

Dreams can be very different. From “here these flight slippers in the form of lambs” before the course of business journalism.

How to learn about a dream? Listen to the girl and remember her desires. Or ask her friends and relatives. In the end, she herself. Even if you present without surprise something that the birthday girl has long dreamed of, she will still be happy.