How to find the love: only 3 steps!

Hello, dear friend!

You can’t find the love in any way? In total not that? 3 real councils from the psychologist which will help to find the happiness soon! Act!

Asking the question “How to Find Love” you never receive on it the answer.


  • Yes because the love is not mushrooms, it can’t be found in the wood.
  • Yes even on the street or you won’t find it in the big city.
  • The love can only be met once.
  • And even if this meeting will be fleeting or will take place far not romantically, you will feel it at once.
  • In most cases the love comes only once to lives.
  • In this only time the main thing not to miss the happiness, and to make out, grab and any more never to release!

And the Diary of success will help you to find the love and will give several practical advice as to make it (take the word!)

Before being let on searches of love and the soul mate, let’s talk about what is this love?

Recently the modern youth gives out for love anything.

But it is wrong!

  • The love is not dirty orgies, not a BDSM and even not purchase of the brand new car for the cute little fool.
  • The love is the special state of mind pushing us on great fulfillments for the sake of other person.
  • For the sake of love we are ready to change ourselves, to refuse addictions and even to reconsider once important principles.

In ancient times for the sake of darlings occupied the cities, made great feats and changed the world.

If you think that you have found the love, answer a question: what are you ready to make for the sake of darling?


Then you sit and you are silent in a rag.

You love nobody and, perhaps, even never loved!

However you shouldn’t despair, and on your street the truck with bananas will turn over once!

How to find love. We start search

Before finding the love, you have to open the heart and to be ready to a meeting with the elect (or the darling).

Also you should get rid of the past pulling you back.

Otherwise, even if you will also find love, then it will quickly escape you.

 And now prepare to find the love, you need to take only 3 simple steps:

  1. To ask about it the Universe — to visualize
  2. To believe in love
  3. To take the first step to her towards

Let’s talk about each point in more detail.

Step 1. We ask the Universe about love

“When you reach the end of your life, the only thing that will have some value, is that love which you have given and have received. On the travel to the following world, the only thing that you can take with yourself, is a love. The only valuable thing which you will leave in this world is a love. It is more than nothing. I knew people who easily transferred many difficulties in the life and were happy, but didn’t meet yet the person who could transfer life without love. That is why the love is a greatest gift in life. She gives to life sense. Exactly thanks to her it is worth living.”

Adam J. Jackson

Many psychologists give to lonely people banal and silly advice: be sure of themselves, you watch yourself, play sports, etc.

But tell, unless it isn’t enough in this world of lonely, but successful, beautiful and sports people?

Yes their millions!

People listen to councils, watch themselves, go to the gym, but don’t change in soul.

They still remain the closed and boastful whiners who aren’t knowing what is wanted from life.

Therefore if you really want, but don’t know how to find love, just stop and ask about it the Universe.

Ask sincerely, with all the heart and release a thought.

Thoughts are material and your desire will be realized already soon.

 Step 2. We begin to trust in love

I will tell you in confidence: the love comes only to those who really trust in it!

Get rid of a low self-assessment, begin to love yourself and then the belief in love will come to you much quicker.

Accept one simple truth: nobody and ever will fall in love with you if you don’t love yourself.

Therefore you learn to love yourself, you praise yourself for different trifles and never abuse for small offenses.

When you get rid of the complexes, fall in love with yourself, then you will understand that you are worthy love. And she won’t keep itself waiting!

Step 3. Make a step towards to finding  love

This, probably, will be the most difficult step.

In this case you will be come to the rescue by positive thinking and belief in love.

To find love, you shouldn’t sit, idly, and to indulge in vain hopes.

Also you shouldn’t estimate all candidates as if at a selection competition.

So you will only frighten off the potential soul mate.

Therefore if the pleasant young man has approached you in cafe and has suggested to treat you with a coffee, you shouldn’t think that his only desire – to get into the knickers of you!

And suddenly you really were pleasant to him?

In turn you the rough behavior can push away the young man what then you will bitterly regret about.

How to get to fall in love the man — a practical advice

The same concerns also men.

If in the gym the girl asks to help to lift for her dumbbells or to replace situation on the exercise machine, perceive it as a sign and aren’t rude to the young lady! 🙂

Besides be not afraid to go somewhere alone, don’t push away people and be not rough.

Even if at acquaintance you are confused, shiver with nervousness or don’t know that to tell – just smile and give out banal “hi“.

And there perhaps your newly made acquaintance will undertake a situation.

You aren’t lazy and surely watch this video with the famous psychologist Alexander Sviyash, which gives useful tips: how it is possible to find the love and to be happy!

As you can see, it is quite simple to find the love.

The main thing not to lose faith and to open the heart towards to this fine feeling …

Thank you for your attention. Have a good time!

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