How to find the soul mate?

How to find the soul mate

Private life, true love and happy family is a dream of almost each person, but not everyone becomes happy in private life and find the soul mate. Most of people remain are lonely even having established a family and raising beloved children. And decent percent of people at all never finds the soul mate and suffers from it all life.

I know, it is very sick, I once looked for and strongly suffered from loneliness. It is heavy to reconcile to such state of affairs, but it is even worse when you don’t know how to find the soul mate and what needs specifically to be done to deserve this meeting of destiny.

Feelings and kindred spirit — the soul mate are a gift of gods, it is an award which it is necessary to deserve and most often she isn’t given for only one desire, “I want” one — a little! It is necessary to know and satisfy conditions — requirements of the Highest Forces.

You, of course, cannot believe that the soulmate and love gods — that worse for you give, the it is less at you than chances to receive them. Remember, true marriages — are always made in Heaven!

If all of you want to deserve a meeting with the soul mate — read further!

First of all we will consider what can’t be done what methods of receiving the desirable will never bring happiness. As it is impossible to find or receive the soul mate.

How to find the soul mate — that can’t be done!

We said that Love and a kindred spirit, the soul mate — God, but not a Devil gives. Powers of darkness are given another — they can give the power, wealth, sexual pleasure, but not Love and the real Happiness. But that they will take in replacements — your soul, destiny, freedom, generally everything that you have.

Therefore with the desires and the choice of methods of their realization — it is necessary to be very careful. Often obsessed people, in particular women, in a pursuit of illusory “happiness” make fatal mistakes — do love spells, destroy families, conclude bargains with forces unknown to them to receive (to charm) the attracted man. It is big nonsense with tragic consequences! Because on others misfortune, you won’t construct happiness. Has destroyed a family — you will answer, from you suffer at full scale!

What can’t be done:

  1. To try to receive the desirable person (the man or the woman) by doubtful occult methods — love spells, paternosters, hypnosis, etc. (I use the corresponding literature). These methods belong to a dark side of the world, and it and worthy promises nothing good to the person.
  2. To fight the pleasant person off another and it is even worse, to destroy a family, especially, if in a family happy and in it there are children. It is very great sin. The person the made such act, will lose support of Light Forces for very long time, won’t pay wholly own sufferings and destiny yet.
  3. Certainly, you shouldn’t ask for help in receiving the desirable of occultists, dark magicians, etc. You can’t know with whom they deal in the invisible world and as you should pay then for the desires. For example, why to you the soul mate if you have no soul (it is necessary to pay off her)?
  4. It is impossible to idolize the second person, it is impossible to idolize a family. Many people don’t receive the soul mate just because subconsciously (or it is conscious) idolize another, that is put him (or a family) instead of God and begin to worship him (to serve). Under Spiritual Laws, the person or doesn’t receive or eventually on what he is ready to pray loses what he idolizes.
  5. All other pathetic and disgusting methods — temptation (to enchant, drag in a bed, etc.), deception, statement in dependence, blackmail (for example pregnancy), etc. By these methods it is possible for itself only a path to hell to lay out, but not to construct happiness. True love, yes sir it is impossible to achieve, and hatred and contempt — it is easy. So well think before beginning to spin networks.

What doesn’t work and is absolutely useless:

  1. To wait and to undertake nothing! Simply it is useless to burn time and not to go forward, to wait that the soul mate will fall on you from the moon in certain time. Inaction is sufferings and death.
  2. To suffer and be killed! Sufferings — destroy, but don’t bring closer to the purpose, don’t change the person to the best, they aren’t something worthy, they — are useless. To suffer that the Highest Forces, have allegedly taken pity and have given the second a half is a silly choice.
  3. To change nothing in the life! For example, when the person, it seems, wants to find the soul mate, but at the same time, he stays at home all the time and there is nobody doesn’t communicate, not to get acquainted and in general, is afraid of all new. You remember a joke about the man who in prayers at God elicited all the time one million, and eventually God hasn’t sustained and has told — “You though the lottery ticket would buy.!”.
  4. To change nothing in itself! To dream silly of the prince if you are a pathetic to receive the prince — it is necessary to become the princess. Compliance is one of the main principles of happy relationship. People who are going to live together long and happy life — have to be relatives on the level and vital values (aspirations and the purposes). To deserve the worthy person nearby — it is necessary most to become worthy, and for this purpose it is necessary to grow, develop as the personality.

And now we will turn to the main issue — what after all needs to be done to find the soul mate? What actions and steps are the most effective?

How to find the soul mate? What needs to be done!

In this section, I will say about the most important, about what really works! Making these steps many people, including those whom I know, could deserve the love and a happy family — exactly working on themselves, but not just expecting “from the sea of weather”, and it was fairly deserved Happiness, but not a freebie.

And to understand an essence why such requirements and steps need to be executed, it is necessary to realize for what the person is given a family and the soulmate. Just for reproduction and for reproduction? It is not the answer! To be more exact, it is the pathetic and primitive answer — approach of the materialist who perceives the person as an animal.

One Soul is given another and the happy Union for the rest of life

  1. is created. For joint development — a uniform way: for growth, training in art of love, an operating time of important qualities, clarifications from sins, for common causes, etc.
  2. For Happiness and pleasure
  3. For creation of a family and worthy education of children, as Persons.
  4. For training to give, lift over own egoism and to learn if it is necessary, to endow personal for the sake of the general is and there is a true love. And all this two people has to be constructed and learned to be passed together and to pass adequately, without destroying feeling in the conflicts and difficulties, and increasing them.

Own Development — personal growth!

You want the cool soul mate — itself become cool (cool). The law of compliance always works, you want it or not. Constantly Develop, become the Person who is rich with Soul because the richness of inner world attracts others, only in this case you will be interesting to other people (your soul mate) and are attractive.

Attend courses and trainings of personal growth, read good books, work on yourself (eliminate defects and disclose the advantages and talents). Because, chicken or a duck — will never be a worthy soul mate for an eagle or a swan. You want to fly among eagles — become an eagle, only then you will be happy, feeling comfortably “among the”.

The correct statement Is more whole on Private life!

Set the object — in detail and on paper. You remember 3% of people who set the purposes and paint them on paper, reach in life more, than other 97% of people who don’t do it. Sincerely create the motive — why to you the soul mate and a family?

Still important addition for statement of the purpose for Private life. Describe and as it is possible in more detail, the ideal of the soul mate, and not only appearance, but also sincere and personal qualities.

  • Write out in a column what sincere qualities your elect (darling) has to have.
  • Opposite to each quality put plus if you have this quality also minus if you don’t have this quality or talent. This yours personally compliance and not compliance to your future partner in life.
  • Turn all minuses into the plan of own personal growth, is what you need to work on. Set the object to create such qualities at themselves and begin to do it.
  • Describe in detail — what appearance, a constitution, what manners, your satellite has to have behavior and mind. And also, his external life (self-realization, other), relations with people, way of life, interests. other.

Prayers and requests to the Highest Forces! — it is necessary to be able to do that you want when you were defined in a request, and it is better in a sincere prayer. It not necessarily have to be some concrete prayer, no. The prayer can be free, the main thing that it was warm and sincere, filled your images and feelings. It is necessary to address in a prayer the Creator, God.

I recommend to write a prayer on paper as the letter, beginning with the address, for example so: “The father, the Creator, Luminous intensity, I ask to accept my prayer, my request …” — further, you describe by the own words everything that you ask and surely you disclose motive (why and for what you ask it). It will open your heart and will bring closer your purpose repeatedly.

All the rest that needs to be done in life to meet the soul mate! To meet darling or darling — it is necessary to leave somewhere, to happen regularly in society and to communicate with people. if all of you time stay at home, within four walls — it will be much more difficult to organize to you a meeting. As in that joke — “… though the lottery ticket would buy …”.

There is still something that meets not seldom – it is the karmic bans on private life, punishments from the past which the person could bring with himself from antecedents and not suspect even about it. That is the shower remembers him it, but he that doesn’t remember the antecedents. Also happens so that the person, it seems, does everything to find the love — but as though everything against him is and fate speaks — “Isn’t present!”. So far he won’t understand where in the past he wasn’t right and won’t withdraw the karmic ban.

Thank you for your attention. Have a good time!

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