How to keep the girl

How to keep the girl
How to keep the girl

How to keep the girl

Maybe for you it will become unpleasant news, but not a single woman has gone away just so, for everything there are reasons. And often this reason looks like this – she lost interest in you, like a man. Of course, she can tell you a hundred other imaginary excuses, but the fact remains that you do not attract her anymore. Why this can happen and who is to blame for this? In fact, two people are always to blame, but if you feel that your relationship is suspended, then you urgently need to save the situation and take active and decisive action. For example, to analyze what was wrong in recent times, maybe she told you that you do not like her in something, she had some accumulated claims to you, to which you constantly closed your eyes and did not react, hoping that everything will pass by itself. I have bad news for you: nothing is resolved by itself and if there are problems, then they must be solved immediately, otherwise nothing good will wait, one fine moment it will simply turn around and leave you, and you will sit and puzzle over why it all happened. To avoid such unpleasant situations, I’ll tell you what to do to keep the girl.

15 ways to keep a girl

1. Self-development.

2. Romance.

3. Emotions.

4. Be a man.

5. Engage in your life.

6. Plan a joint future.

7. Remember the changes.

8. Create tension.

9. Appreciate her initiative.

10. Exclude jealousy and suspicion.

11. Watch for yourself.

12. Do not forget about sex.

13. Men’s responsibilities.

14. Flirt with her.

15. Let her be a little girl.


1. Self-development

Once you have stopped in your development and self-improvement, you can consider that you have already lost it. Girls like promising men, such as set goals and confidently go to them, such as do not roll around on a sofa with a beer for days on end, but get up an hour earlier and go to the gym, because self-realization is insanely important for them. You do not have to sit in one position for five years, getting a meager salary that covers your basic needs. Develop in terms of career, reach new heights, change the scope of activities, if you understand that in your current workplace you do not shine and above the ceiling you will not jump. Do everything so that you can be proud of yourself. Do not forget about sports. Of course, your girlfriend does not like you for appearance, but, believe me, it will be much more pleasant for her to touch your sporty pumped body than a beer belly and pens like a graduate of a humanitarian lyceum. Develop in your relationship, show every day that you are a man, do not lower your bar, fulfill all your promises, or do not give it at all, do not turn into henpecked and amoeba.

2. Romance

Women are very sensual natures, so no matter how much you meet, they will always expect from you a romantic dinner, a spontaneous trip, an invitation for a date or a sweet surprise at home. As soon as your girl ceases to receive all this, thoughts will immediately come into her head that you do not have everything smooth in the relationship and that, probably, their time has expired and you need to rest from each other, because you lost interest. To prevent this, do not forget about such pleasant little things. You can make her a delicious dinner. Believe me, when she gets tired from work, and her house will be waiting for a table, a bottle of wine and you, who prepared all this, she will have no doubt that she got the best man in the world. Try to prove it to her as often as possible, do not cease to surprise her, give her gifts – it does not have to be expensive jewelry or luxurious dresses, even a bouquet of flowers will be accepted, as a sign that you remember about her, that she is important to you, that you think about her, but for a woman this is the best reward.


3. Emotions

In a relationship with you, it should not be boring, so do not forget to give her bright and unforgettable emotions. It is not necessary to spend every evening at home watching a new TV series or a TV show, and on weekends get out for a short evening walk. Such a way of life will drive anyone crazy and, as if your girlfriend did not love you, one day she will get bored with all this and she will want to find those same emotions and impressions somewhere on the side. So do not forget to arrange for her tough dates, which will differ from each other. Just go to a restaurant and eat deliciously – this is the last century, leave such a format for someone else. Let on dates with you she gets adrenaline, a new charge. Give her the certificate for a parachute jump, go with her to the amusement park, buy tickets for the weekend to another city. Do not stop to surprise her. She will appreciate it, after all, arranging such things, you show her not only your imagination, but also an excellent attitude towards her, which is very valuable.

4. Be a man

Do not forget that in your relationship you are the boss and you are in charge. It is this awareness that can keep your girlfriend with you for many more years, because it is very difficult to find the person responsible for your words, surrounds with care and attention and if you possess all of the above qualities, then the chance that she once decides to take and leave from you, is reduced to zero. It is not necessary always and in everything to adjust to her wishes and indulge all of her whims. The girls change their mood a hundred times a day and if you react to every change, you will soon lose your mind. Be firm and adamant with her, show that she can arrange these moods anywhere, but not with you. Do not be afraid that you will frighten or push it away from yourself in a similar way, on the contrary, it will appreciate your strength of character and maybe even reconsider your behavior. Do not overreact to her actions too much, remember that you are a man and keep calm, and do not get into hysterics, wasting time on conflicts. Show her that you are not particularly concerned and you will see how gradually such problems will simply come to naught.

5. Engage in your life

As soon as you realized that you have no other activities and hobbies other than your girlfriend, this is a very bad sign. If your circle of communication has decreased beyond recognition and all your free time you spend only with it, if all your hobbies and hobbies have come to the fore, you are no longer interested in it, because the main thing in your life is your girlfriend, then be sure , that she is already collecting things. A man who has nothing in life but a girl who is literally obsessed with her, very quickly becomes boring and tedious, he does not have anything to talk about, he can not bring something new into life, he does not develop and does not cultivate. What then remains of him? That’s right, nothing. Therefore, never focus solely on your girlfriend, always find time for yourself, for your friends, for sports, for your other hobbies. Your life should be full and varied, only then the girl will be cool and interesting next to you, only then she will want to be with you.

Engage in your life

6. Plan a joint future

Girls are very important confidence in the future and stability and if a man who is nearby at a given moment of time does not give this feeling, then, as a rule, the relationship ends very quickly. So remember this is just a rule and try to apply it in practice. Talk to your girlfriend about your common future, discuss where you will go to have a rest in the summer, what you will have in a year, how you see the further development of events, what you want to do, what are your long-term plans, what place does it occupy in them. The girl will appreciate this and understand that you take her seriously, that you see her with her future and that you want to do everything so that you together are as comfortable and good as possible. From time to time, start such conversations or do not avoid them when the girl herself wants to talk about something like that. For her, this will really mean a lot, and you will thus provide yourself with a security pillow and the certainty that it will not go anywhere.

7. Remember the changes

When everything is in one place and nothing changes, then boredom comes into the relationship. That’s why you have to become the source of the changes that your girl will surely appreciate. Do it so that you will be an example for her, so that she will follow you so that you can teach her something. Give her advice, take part in her life, do not be afraid to change something radically. But if your girl something does not work, then do not try it for it to criticize, on the contrary, try with her to find a way out of this situation, make it so that you’ll be the first person to whom it will come with some problems and difficulties. Roughly speaking, you must be for her authority, the person with whom she is calm and nothing is scary. The person who will always find a way out, even from the most difficult and seemingly unsolvable situation. Only in the event that both of you will change and develop, normal and harmonious relations await you.

8. Create tension

However strange it may sound, it is very useful to practice this from time to time so that your girlfriend does not relax. Because when everything is smooth and smooth in relations, you have been together for a long time, got used to each other and went through a lot of difficulties, everything is somehow getting tired and becoming ordinary. Consequently, the girl takes it for granted, she does not need to do anything anymore, do not strain, do not have to be a little better than she really is, because you and so with her and in her opinion, it will always be so and you’re not going anywhere from it. That’s why sometimes you have to create an artificial tension in your relationship, thus showing that not everything is as simple as she thinks. That there is nothing eternal and lasting, and if she wants to be with you, then she must also make some effort for this. Of course, with this, too, you do not go too far, otherwise one day she will simply get bored and she will leave.

Create tension

9. Appreciate her initiative

Relationships are always a mutual process in which two must invest. But as you know, usually this role is taken by a man, and a woman remains such a passive beginning, which simply takes everything as a matter of course and thinks that she is right. So, if your girlfriend decided to take the initiative, even in some trifles, be sure to mark this and show her how important this is for you. If she invited you on a date, she prepared a romantic dinner, she gave a surprise – always be pleased and show how important it is for you. Then the girl will have an incentive to make more and more for your relationship, and as you know, the more you spread, the less you then want to throw all this. If you notice such a good trend in your relationship, then try to support it in every possible way, showing your girlfriend how special and classy she is, since many others would never have done this for her men.

10. Exclude jealousy and suspicion

Do not need to harass your girl about and without, do not bother her with calls, monitor her and follow her every step. This behavior only kills the relationship and pushes it away from you. You must learn to trust and somehow cope with your attacks of jealousy. Yes, every girl is pleased that from time to time the man is jealous of them, but when this happens on a regular basis, do not expect anything good, it can only lead to disastrous consequences. If you get it, check her phone, her social networks, call her, if she lingers for 5 minutes at work, check her out and do not believe that she went to a meeting with her friends, then you have a problem. Everyone needs freedom and his personal space and if you can not give it to your girlfriend, then it is only natural that she will get tired of all this and want to leave you. Learn to be more reserved, to control your emotional outbursts and not to pick on every little thing, then everything will be fine.

11. Watch for yourself

Nobody likes untrodden men. Even if you have been together for one hundred years, saw each other in any condition, you took her drunk from a nightclub, and she brought brine to your bed for the morning, still it does not give you the right to completely clog yourself and not watch your outside view. Believe me, athletic pants and a stretchy alcoholic vest are not the best clothes for home, your girlfriend wants to see next to a neat and tidy man, and that’s not it. So do not stop watching yourself, going to the gym, watching your hair, your style in clothes, your things should always be clean and ironed, looking at you should give the impression of a person who does not care what he looks like. If you understand that you have already scored for yourself for a long time, then urgently take the situation into your own hands and run to correct it. Your girlfriend may be too delicate to tell you that you do not look very much lately, and then at the most unexpected moment, just take and leave.

Watch for yourself

12. Do not forget about sex

One of the most important points, in my opinion. Relationships in which there is no sex – this is a dead relationship, so do not expect a miracle if the last time you were in bed a month and a half ago. A girl may not show her mind, but in fact, for her it is just as important as for you, if not more. Who even came up with this stupid myth that women do not need sex? Take care that it was regular for you, so that not only you but your girlfriend received pleasure, so that your sex is not monotonous and boring, do not be afraid to experiment. Your girlfriend will definitely appreciate it, believe me, she will never mind and will not deny you the desire to try something new, only if it’s new – not threesome and other things that a woman does not accept. Once you have a lull in sexual life, as soon as physical desire and craving for one another disappear, this is the surest sign that your relationship is doomed, and soon your girlfriend will leave you, because no one will want to put up with such a state of affairs.

13. Men’s responsibilities

Perhaps it seems to you too practical, but every girl wants to have a person next to her who will share household and financial obligations and this is absolutely normal. As soon as you stop exercising your direct masculine functions, the woman will notice this, will suffer for a while in the hope that you will improve, and then just take and leave. You should not forget that relationships are not only fun and joy, it’s also a job, and everyday. If you can not screw a light bulb, thread the knives or fix a broken pen, what’s your function, like the men in the house? If you can not provide you comfort and coziness? If you can not make sure that your girl does not consider every penny and does not worry about that you will not have anything to live on, then you are sure that you basically need relationships? Analyze your behavior and try to understand whether you are doing everything right, are you taking on some obligations and are you making your girlfriend’s life easier? If not, then correct it urgently, until it’s too late.

14. Flirt with her

Do you think that flirting concerns only the very beginning of a relationship and then it’s an unnecessary and useless thing? I want to upset you, it’s not like that at all. Women are all by nature a terrible flirt and they really need and it is important to feel welcome and in demand. They love all these preludes, this game, some intrigue, which in fact is very easy to create, there would be a desire. So do not think that you have already moved to a new stage, that you now have other concerns, and flirting can be successfully buried in the past. If a girl will feel a lack of attention on your part, then she will certainly find a way to compensate him, but not anymore with you. That is, you yourself give her a reason to leave you. So try to surround her with attention and care, show that she is still interesting to you, that she still clings to you, that she is not an open book for you, that you want to continue to recognize her and surprise her. Do it so that your girlfriend feels the most necessary and desired and then there will be no problems.

Flirt with her

15. Let her be a little girl

In each, even the most adult and serious woman, a child lives, to whom it is very important to at least occasionally let go, but, unfortunately, not all men are able to understand this and to play up to such a state. If your girl wants to fool around or play with you, do not ever deny her that desire, but rather show that you like it too, it’s great for you to see her like that and you will do everything to keep her carefree as long as possible. Because there is nothing better for a girl, if she feels weak next to her man. This means that she believes in him one hundred percent, believes in him, knows that he will solve all problems, will support her no matter what happens and will always be there. It is this feeling that all women hunt and only some of them are lucky enough to actually experience it. Therefore, stand for your girlfriend, strong shoulder, adviser, show that you are not afraid of anything, that with you you can breathe out and relax and in this case she does not want to go anywhere.

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