How to meet a girl on the Internet

How to meet a girl on the Internet

 How to meet a girl on the Internet

Crazy pace of life, work, friends, gym, again work – how is it for everyone to find time to get acquainted with a girl? Where to get acquainted with her, what to say, how to talk? All this consumes so much energy that many men just clog up on it and live a quiet bachelor life. However, there is one proven way to simplify everything – this is to get acquainted with a girl on the Internet. I bet you spend a lot of time on all sorts of social networks, viral sites and just surfing, although at that time you could have met 25 times already. How to do it nicely, neatly and so that it does not look like a dull subcategory, I’ll tell you in this article.

9 Tips for Getting to Know a Girl on the Internet

  1. Load your photos.

It does not matter if you think about how to get acquainted with a girl on a dating site or in social networks – always upload only your photos. They should be of good quality, but you should not ask a professional photographer who is familiar to photograph them as if you had just shot for the cover of a magazine. Remember that one day you will still have to meet in real life and her expectations will be too high, and you will be a little bit different from yourself, otfotoshoplennogo. Also, you do not need to create 25 albums with blunt names “I”, “We are in the nature”, “Andryukha’s Birthday” and so on. Let it be a few photos, but steep. If such you do not have, then safely go to a nightclub, because there are always working professional photographers. Then just find your photo on the site and load – a new avatar you already have! Well, or ask a friend photographer to make you a photo of you beautiful.

  1. Restrainedly fill out the section “About Me”.

There is no need to paint there your entire biography or “funny” stories from the past. Remember that brevity is the sister of talent, so write about yourself as much as possible, briefly and interestingly. What you write about yourself – this will be the first information that the girl on your page will see. Hence, on the basis of this, she will add her initial impression. Try to get her interested and hooked, write a few provoked, so she has a desire to ask you questions and continue communication. For example: oh all))), sex for money is not offered, it is better not to mess with – these are examples of what you can write in the column about yourself, and below is a screenshot of what is written on my profile. Understand, your seriousness does not need anyone

  1. Do not lie.

Do not build from yourself what you are not really. Because sooner or later you still have to tear off this mask from yourself. No one will see your image of a super-tough guy or a pickup master – there are enough similar heroes on the Internet. If you still want to learn how to get acquainted with a girl on the Internet and hook it, the answer is very simple – just be yourself. At a minimum, it captivates. You do not have to invent some stories, play dumb roles and be in eternal tension. Believe me, it’s all felt even through the screen. And so you will be as relaxed as possible, confident in yourself – what else does a girl need? The main thing is not to roll up to tediousness. Being yourself is not being what you are with your parents or friends. Remember that your goal is to interest the GIRL, and not to have another virtual friend.

  1. Do not use online dating templates.

How to meet a girl online and what to write? Certainly not “hello, how are you?”, “Let’s get acquainted”, “beauty, why are not you asleep” and other hellish nonsense. All these phrases have been a hundred years already and you will not even see your great-grandmother. Girls always want novelty. Do not need to invent some original way, try to intrigue her, interest. So absolutely everything comes. In order to favorably stand out against the background of all the other guys who send her various kinds of herbs, it is enough to write a normal ordinary phrase-statement. Here is an example of what I write: ku-ku, helow, and you’re a sweet girl, so you’re sexy piss, and what I do with you, how the mood, how the evening goes, found my husband here … I can comment on her character or sexuality judging by the photo or just popagzhagat napalm. Below are a couple of my examples of old correspondence.

  1. Individual approach.

Even if now you simultaneously communicate with ten girls, then each of them should feel as if she had you alone. Each of them has its own character traits, hobbies, and a way of life, which means that the approach to each of them must be looked for in a special and unique way. Flexibility and imagination. Girls love attention just like we are men, so try to show her your interest in her as much as possible and not think in a stereotyped way.

  1. Pay attention to her photos.

All girls just love to be photographed – selfies, professional photoshoots from photographers, pictures from clubs and restaurants … But you have to remember one important rule: most of these photos do not correspond to reality, no matter how sad it sounded. Now in the phone of every girl so many programs are downloaded to make beautifully edit pictures and yourself on them, that you better not know about it. Try to carefully study the quality of the photograph, see how brightly colored is her face and other small things. In general, remember that this picture “expectation – reality” is clearly created about dating on the Internet. So, mentally prepare yourself for the fact that you will see a slightly different girl at the meeting than in the photo. And do not say later that I did not warn you about this!

  1. Use advanced features.

If in search of an answer to the question “how to get acquainted with a girl via the Internet” you wandered to a dating site, then one of the most proven methods is to raise your profile in search. Almost every site has a service that will make you one of the most popular guys, you’ll immediately see how the girls literally throw you up with new messages – just keep up to date. Also do not forget about the opportunity to be shown in the news line. This will draw even more fans to you. And then, at your own discretion, choose the very best – you do not need to share anything with each girl who wrote to you. Spend the so-called natural selection.

  1. VIP account.

It now seems to you this trick and trifle, but in fact this chip works very cool. It will help you to stand out among the whole huge crowd of guys and will increase the chances that the girl will write to you. It’s worth it cheap, but the result will not keep you waiting. Girls love those who somehow stand out, that’s why in order to make a first impression, while the girl does not know you at all, you can make yourself a VIP-account and draw her attention. And then it all depends on you and on your ability to communicate on the web. And you will have much more functions and options with a VIP account.

  1. Be an interesting companion.

This is the last, but the most important advice when meeting a girl on the Internet. Let her know that she will be interested in you, that you are different from the crowd of young people who write to her on social networks. But do not spend too much time on the Internet, because you really want something completely different, right? Communication in a living is much more interesting and tempting. Use online dating as a hook or another way of dating. Then it will remain for small – do not get lost at the first meeting and be as interesting an interlocutor as on the Internet. And this is by far not all, which really hide. So in advance think over your image, the topics you will be talking about, the place of your meeting and how you can surprise and conquer it on it.

Some more interesting facts:

You can take her number for 5 messages.

You have to realize the main thing that in fact the Internet is no different from real life. The more you pull with the meeting, the more chances that someone else will be more brave and cheekier than you and invite her to a date. Many guys are very afraid of a personal meeting, because there will not be enough to sit in your home stretched exercises and pretend to be a macho-year. There you will have to act – look into her eyes, there will not be time for 10 minutes to reflect on an interesting answer, or to search for information in Google. In fact, everything is very simple. You take her phone number, call and make an appointment. All! Do not make yourself unnecessary problems. And do not behave like a schoolboy – do not send her stupid virtual gifts. Take the number and act.

5-10 phone per day is easy

The main thrill is that you can get acquainted with 5-10 girls at the same time in one day. You can choose, sharpen your flirting skills, evaluate her appearance – and this can be repeated every day until you find that one or several girls who you really will be interested.

Plus online dating

There’s easier to interest the girl, if you’re not in the subject. She does not see your gait, your gestures, your facial expressions – just photos, smiles and your messages. Невербалика is very important at the first acquaintance, after all this is exactly what the girls pay attention to at the first acquaintance. And then you immediately use your strengths.

3 minus online dating

There it is more difficult to interest the girl, if you are in the subject – this is the first negative. And the second – you can not see her at once. As a rule, at a real meeting the girl turns out to be much shorter, fuller, smokes and loves alcohol. It’s such a standard set of beauty from the Internet – because it’s also much easier for you to hide behind your account on social networks. Therefore, do not build yourself unnecessary illusions and immediately be ready for any outcome of your first meeting.

The third minus is you do not hear her voice. There are guys for whom it is very important, so do not pull the cat by the tail and immediately take her phone number. And then it will be a shame when this cute miniature blonde will start talking in the smoky voice of a forty-year-old man or she’ll babble you like something.

Do not pick phrases for dating.

Seriously, it will look very stupid and corny. Act like I teach. When you realized that she was on your hook, write to her right away – give her number, because I prefer live communication. In this way you will discourage her and will not give you a way to retreat. Dial her and talk for a few minutes, do not delay your first communication, or she will think that now you will call her a million times a day. It is important in all this to initially provoke its interest and act immediately.

If you want to seriously pump yourself into online dating, then I have for you to have a course on this topic – Seduction Online

And remember that the skills of communication on the Internet – this is definitely a plus, but live communication can not be replaced. Develop!

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