How to organize a romantic appointment: ideas.

How to organize a romantic appointment ideas

Some tempers are sure that romanticism not only doesn’t work, but also the sexual inclination kills. But their opinion is valid only in that case when the guy isn’t self-assured and works from a position from below.

Actually, everything depends on that why you want to learn how to organize a romantic appointment. If in order that you want to make it (you feel in yourself excess of positive emotions) and you surely behave, then it will only increase your appeal in the opinion of the girl. And then you will be able to create an image of sexually attractive male and the romantic guy in one person. And it, believe, it is appreciated by an opposite sex worth its weight in gold.

Therefore I suggest you to choose the pleasant option, to carry out conceived in practice and to look at the received result.

On the rooftop.

Fallen in love to many tempers appointment on a roof, which has stopped being it and rare recently. But he can be used as the good idea for a romantic appointment.

You can also buy soap bubbles which you will directly start up from a roof. It will be pleasant to her.

And if at the girl it occurs for the first time, then the sea of positive emotions to her with guarantee. Ideally: it is better to arrange a full-fledged romantic dinner there, to dance in embraces and to continue an appointment at your home. But it is always necessary to take in attention her interests that then it hasn’t turned out that it will be her most wrong romantic appointment to you.

The hidden dinner.

Present, you walk with the girl, excellent communication, good mood. Your companion even suspects nothing. But here (when you reach a certain place) you get in advance made dinner.

Having settled down in the way, convenient for you, you start a meal. And you need only to watch round eyes of the girl and to rejoice to the fact that you managed everything.

By the way, it isn’t obligatory to hide there food at all. You can hide a rose or some teddy bear.

Trip by bicycles.

If you, and at the girl have a bicycle, then can arrange a romantic trip by bicycles around the park or any other not crowded place (the main thing – try to smile and not to look too threateningly, differently she won’t go with you anywhere :)).

Driving by bicycles accidentally will cause positive emotions which she will connect with you in the girl.

And if you combine this way with previous, then will be able to achieve a bigger effect. If you don’t know how to cook, then the dinner can be ordered in advance (or even to use usual ice cream instead of a dinner), and to hire bicycles.

Picnic/walk on the bridge / on the river bank or lakes.

Having done some tasty sandwiches, go together with the girl to the coast of a reservoir. There you will be able to forget about city bustle for a while. Instead of sandwiches you can make a full-fledged romantic dinner with a wine bottle, in principle there a good situation for a seducing and sex on an appointment.

Romantic acts.

I always carry the girl to one place on the bridge, from below which the big steam of cars is visible. It is possible to play guessing of numbers of cars. Besides, this excellent place to embrace the girl – the atmosphere promotes it.

There was one case: at the girl keys directly have fallen to the carriageway. I somehow have managed to get them before the harvester has passed in that place. Right after it the girl has told me thanks and has kissed.

If a similar opportunity is presented to you, then surely use it. The main thing – don’t try to make those acts in which there is no special need. Otherwise the girl will draw a conclusion that you do all this only to tempt her. 🙂

Trip by the small boat or a catamaran.

This idea of a romantic appointment can become easy continuation of previous. The main thing – to decide in advance on on what you “will go by the seas”. As option: you can buy champagne or wine in advance and to hide on your vessel.

Having sailed a little far away, develop a boat/catamaran so that your look has been directed not to the coast, and in the center of a reservoir. So you will be able to admire a water smooth surface. And if this appointment takes place in the evening, then look at a solar path.

Start  a paper lamps.

This idea approaches more in case you have already begun to meet the girl. If you had no sex yet, then don’t use this way better to make a romantic appointment.

In advance buy paper lamps, decide on the place from which you will start them. (By the way, that roof quite will approach ;)).

The magic rose.

And magically she because you will get her absolutely incidentally directly from under a bench on which you will sit.

The main thing – to attach her so that her it was visible only from below, and to make it without witnesses. And when you will walk with the girl in this place, just suggest sitting down and after a while get this rose.

And even if the girl already heard about this idea of a romantic appointment, surprise and a romantic spirit for all remained evening is guaranteed to you.

Night, stars and … big wheel.

Try to agree with workers of the amusement park about that at night to you with the girl have allowed to sweep one or to steam of circles on a big wheel.

The excellent view of the night city, unexpectedly appeared champagne and your kisses will allow you to achieve desirable result in the form of eyes in love and continuation.

(By the way, has noticed that I often speak about continuation of an appointment at your home? A bit later I will tell you why. For now we pass to the following idea of a romantic appointment).

Jacuzzi/bath with the candle.

When both of you appear at your home, leave the girl for some time, and begin to prepare a bathtub.

As for candles, they have to be placed in advance. Also you can make champagne, wine or to make martini with olives that too will give to your appointment a little romanticism.

Campaign on class in dances.

This excellent romantic appointment which idea has appeared at me recently. I have noticed that very small part of guys invites the girl to such place. Dance is an excellent way to introduce romanticism in your appointment. Expenses – minimum, and effect – excellent.

Walk by air.

Too a good way of how it is possible to organize a romantic appointment still. During air walk tell it the interesting facts about your city or about those objects which will get to your field of vision.

Preparation for an appointment.

Remember that the girl needs to be warned, how exactly she should put on. For example, in certain cases heels will be obviously superfluous, and sports casual will be very opportunely.

Consider also time in which you plan to make a romantic appointment. It is better to make an appointment in the late afternoon when the right hemisphere begins to work for all of us actively (it is responsible for emotions) if you want after all will meet in the afternoon, then it is quite possible that the girl won’t come.

Your purpose: after the romantic meeting to have sex with the girl.

The matter is that if you don’t use this chance, then she can “cool down” by the time of the next meeting. Of course, if you are a skilled temper, then you will be able to tempt her and on the next appointment. However if you don’t consider yourself by it and if with this girl you had no sex yet, then remember: it is necessary to make it on the end of a meeting at once.

You cannot just use these ideas separately, but also combine, combine any other options from all brought, and also think out the. And in certain cases, organizing a romantic appointment, the idea can spontaneously come, and you right there will embody it in practice.

The main thing – remember: you shouldn’t do romantic appointments too often. As frequent romanticism can become boring. In the relations, mostly, other emotions have to prevail. However, it is already a subject for separate article.

Share also you the examples of romantic appointments and the ideas which have come to your mind.

Thank you for your attention. Have a good time!

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