Inhabitants of dating sites. We distinguish and apply. Part 1. Women.

Inhabitants of dating sites. We distinguish and apply. Part 1. Women.

The Internet has so got into our life that became the integral, her routine part. If five years ago the network was destiny of youth from big cities, then now it is possible to find online even the pensioner from the Siberian working settlement. Virtual communication if doesn’t prevail over real, then definitely doesn’t concede to it on the frequency and duration.

Dating sites belong to the most popular resources. On them millions of people of different age are registered. The myth that only terrible, fat girls and diffident boys use dating sites looks ridiculously now. There it is possible to meet anyone. However not everything is so simple. The person who has come to find in hope to itself the companion or the partner in life, most likely will meet some difficulties. The trouble is that these difficulties aren’t obvious. At most of inhabitants of dating sites few targets others, than those which are specified in questionnaires and it is necessary to have considerable experience and ability to the analysis to separate flies from cutlets and to develop the correct tactics of behavior.

So, who lives on dating sites?


The main line of dating sites is the feeling of unusual width of the choice: to each girl tens and hundreds of letters come. Even that to whom in real life don’t pay attention messages come and come. At girls the dizziness results, and the level of the choice is often lifted up up to the unreal heights.

So, groups of girls.

 The missing office workers, students on couples and housewives, and also girls who need a vest to be cried. It is, perhaps, the most mass group.

Their purpose is simple: to find people who the chatter would entertain the girl and would help her to kill time. Actually use the website as flirtation chat. Usually the page of such persons gives nothing their aspirations. Though some honestly write that they would like to find only pen friends, the most part masks under those who look for love. As inducement new and deduction of old interlocutors various methods are used: beautiful (sometimes even erotic) photos, standard manipulations of deduction of the man on a short lead (regular postponements of appointments, the reference that are a little familiar, etc.). The same manipulations leave from the real relations. Therefore the men who have pecked on a bait in the form of the “positive” questionnaire and beautiful photos can be disappointed. At more detailed research it can become clear that some information – since age and finishing with photos – isn’t true. Can be married also with children.

How to distinguish Criterion one: never agree to meet. In some cases such girls manage to be got on a meeting, but as their purpose not search of the man, but network correspondence, lack of interest in the real relations has at once an effect. By the way, information on the status of the wife and mother can be opened on an appointment too. In exceptional cases don’t refuse a fleeting adventure, but you shouldn’t expect continuation.

How to behave. Depending on your purpose. If you want to kill time – just communicate. There will be a lot of chatter. But prepare for a role of a vest and the pocket psychologist at once. You should listen to tons of complaints to a goat – the former, inattentive present, parents who don’t understand the fool chief and the other concentrated negative. And to give advice – differently why you are necessary?! If are ready for an adventure, then apply skills of a seducing, in certain cases they help. If you don’t wish to play in theater, and just you want the serious, thorough relations, then after the first refusal or eluding of a meeting stop communication. Don’t spend time and forces for what initially doesn’t suit you.

Waiting for the prince. With great reserve – looking for an alpha male (leader). Among youth one of the most numerous groups.

Purpose – Waiting for the prince

Most often it is young girls (up to 25 years) though copies of nearly pre-retirement age come across. Their dream – the ideal man, the prince on a white game which will shower with their heavenly grace and will dip into the world of sweet dreams (the list of feints from cheap ladies’ novels can be continued). Ordinary men will be carried to the section of unworthy. Questionnaires of the maidens expecting the prince will be completed by on what, according to maidens, princes also are caught. It is grandiloquent and romantic nonsense, “thoughtful” quotes and the “philosophical” statuses, verses, and also enticing photos in seductive poses. Alpha males are attracted with the last.

As the alternative – to fill up the village with “expensive” show off and transcendental requirements. It is possible to write directly that the mere mortal passed by.

How to distinguish. Except above-mentioned signs, it is near mind and total infantility (that is visible already from a task which is set for herself by the girl). The deep, substantial conversation won’t turn out. Unusually overestimated requirements (actually it is characteristics of the ideal, all-knowing and almighty person) at quite ordinary properties of the girl are imposed to the man. Doesn’t lead attempt to point out discrepancy of parameters to anything. The maiden highly appreciates herself extraordinary.

How to behave. If you the skilled temper, then can arrange dances with tambourines, accept an image of that prince and reach the desirable. However after a while deception will reveal. It isn’t excluded that the maiden, having felt well with quite terrestrial person, will have done with the youthful follies and will mature. But not the fact. More likely, you will be accused of a juggling, and, can even, rape. Anyway the hostility is inevitable. If you not a temper of the 80th level, then I advise you to find more adequate girl.

Girls interested to solve the problems at the expense of others. Too very big group.

Purpose – Girls interested to solve the problems at the expense of others.

Here the girls who are looking for the sponsor (kept woman), divorces ladies with children (without income and housing – differently they will pass into group 5), lonely women without living space (it is characteristic of the large cities), etc. belong. Options weight. Came across even such which looked for on whom “to hang up” pregnancy.

Manner of behavior of such group one: at the same time rigid property filter and an advertising campaign in all beauty. If you live with parents, have no car and solid (by the standards of the woman) the income if you aren’t ready to spend for it large sums, then you are eliminated. But if you are free, rich and generous, then there will be to you both tender smiles, and belly dance, and a cookery delicacy, and appeasable character. Any whim for your money. Though, there are a lot of copies with “a princess syndrome” which sincerely believe that the man is obliged to throw all benefits to her (girl) to legs only for the fact of her existence. And, it is necessary to admit, such in this group there is a lot of. Even you will receive refusals and reproaches for the money. Yes, you the owner also wish to buy it, and she is a proud girl and isn’t on sale! Some openly write or say that for money of the man she only finds for him time at own discretion. What only miracles you won’t see in the world!

Girls often make out the page with a claim for luxury and hints that before the viewer not some cheap stuff. Sometimes specify by figure desirable contents.

How to distinguish. The first criterion – the property filter. Don’t declare the high income, and this group will ignore you. The second criterion – abundance of erotic photos in different poses. It is necessary to present goods the person. Third criterion: persistent desire to spend your money. Hints on restaurants, cruises, expensive gifts, accommodation or even a registration in your apartment, the requirement of delivery of the sums of pocket expenses, etc. Fourth criterion: demonstration of love when you are ready to fork up, and alienation if the rain from notes stops.

How to behave. If your purpose – to buy sex for money, then agree. However whether it is better to use services of professionals? It will turn out cheaper, and more qualitatively. Besides from “princess” you don’t receive anything even for the money. They are proud girls and aren’t on sale! If you against sex purchase, then in the first attempt to press through you are sense to refuse further communication with this person.

Bitches. The group is big, but it is less than previous.

Cheat of all colors and just man-hater. Here it is possible to carry and “princess” from the previous group.

Purpose – to receive from the man a maximum of the various resources other than money, and in other words, to ego-trip at his expense.

Girls from this group skillfully own all women’s manipulations which apply on men. Someone wants to make to himself suite of ten admirers to feel a star, someone just breaks men about a knee for the sake of sadist pleasure, someone revenges for the punctures in the past. It is possible to list the reasons long. The uniting sign one – an inferiority complex which the girl in every way tries to realize.

How to distinguish. From the first word of a conversation will try to manipulate you. In more detail about manipulations it is possible to read in the head “Forks and traps” from the book “The man and the woman: war or peace?”

What to do. All these cunning female tricks actually very templates are also quickly distinguished if to have experience or at least theoretical knowledge. If you not the masochist, then at detection of manipulations is simpler to stop contact.

The women who are really looking for the man for the relations.

The group, unfortunately, is very small (at best 5-10% of total of questionnaires) and has the psychological features. At all desire to get acquainted, women of this group are disturbed by the mass of brakes. It is a stiffness, shyness, unsociability, physical defects, suspiciousness, suspiciousness, irritability, etc. Even if you will take steps towards, then cockroaches in the head of the woman can behave somehow, and your persistence can be easily interpreted as sexual concern, and politeness – as spinelessness. If in real life a part of these obstacles is neutralized by itself, then on the Internet they only amplify (especially suspiciousness). The woman’s children from the previous marriage can be an obstacle also. There are girls with a minimum of psychological problems or absolutely without them, but it is a rarity.

How to distinguish. The main sign – lack of manipulations. So far as girls really look for the man, make contact, without trying to take out a brain the transcendental requirements or dreams which are torn off from reality. The conversation is held quite constructively, without eluding’s agree to meet then it becomes clear, to continue the relations or not.

How to behave. If the girl with cockroaches in the head, but you are ready to struggle with them, then a flag in hands. Aren’t ready – switch to other questionnaires. Lack of psychological problems usually promises the safe relations.

The girls who are looking for adventures.

Here we will carry perverts. The group is very small. Even there is less previous. It is no more than 5 questionnaires on one hundred.

Purpose: to enjoy life to the full.

Adventurers: sex for one night, a joint trip anywhere in the first day of acquaintance. Sadomasochists, lesbians.

How to distinguish. It is usually specified in the questionnaire or will offer you. Sometimes, however, masks under the modest woman and “looks for the real man” that means a peculiar check. The girl wants to receive the extreme offer from you. However it is necessary to remember that prostitutes whose questionnaires published in an explicit form delete so can mask.

What to do. If your purpose – adventures, then you have found a soul mate. However it is better to specify how many it will cost, and that is chance to run into the angry souteneur. If isn’t present, then you pass by.

The smallest group – those who are registered on the website for the sake of any researches.

Human soul, resistance to temptations, the average sum offered in a night or a share of perverts among male population of the website.

The purpose – researches. Idle or scientific interest.

How to distinguish. In any way. Can imitate any of above-mentioned groups of the population. Though, it is possible to ask directly if it is very similar. At least for laughter.

What to do. There is a probability that on that side of the screen the man with whom it is possible to meet and drink beer in bar sits and to discuss problems of relationship of floors and if interests coincide, then and to make friends. After all, this category consists of not cattle, and it comes across quite seldom.

In the following part we will talk about men.

Thank you for your attention. Have a good time!

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