How to meet a soul mate? How to find your soul mate?

How to meet a soul mate How to find your soul mate

How to meet a soul mate? How to find your soul mate?

As soon as I saw him, I understood that I was looking for him all my life. ”

“We immediately felt it. None of us have even time to say a word. ”

So people usually describe a meeting with a kindred spirit. It is believed that during life we meet several kindred souls, but not all of them will be our beloved. Some will become friends, colleagues, relatives, even enemies. Sometimes we find out the soul mate at the time of the first meeting. However, many dream of only one thing – to meet their romantic soul mate, a man with whom full happiness is possible. What if you can not find it?

If you are unsuccessfully looking for your soul mate, be sure to ask yourself why you are so eager to find it.

Many people say that they feel incomplete without a kindred spirit. This is an understandable motive, but it raises questions about your self-esteem, personal integrity and relationships with yourself.

It is useless to hope that someone else will solve all your problems and help you feel your integrity. This does not happen. You should feel yourself whole, and therefore, happy, before you can make someone else happy. Otherwise it will turn out that you are just looking for a patch to seal a gaping wound in your soul.

Maybe you had a series of complex relationships in which you always repeated the same pattern of behavior, without realizing that you are partly responsible for the fact that your relationship does not develop as you would like.

Of course, we all dream of finding that person … the only one with whom we want to live until the end of our days. To dream is not harmful, it is more difficult to really start looking and finding. Do you rely solely on fate? Of course, one can believe in fate, but without your participation, something good will happen to you. Destiny needs you to push it in the right direction to find that only person who is so lacking for happiness.


To begin with, to find a soul mate, you need to find yourself. What qualities are the most important for you? What are your values and aspirations? How do you express your love, and what do you expect in return? These questions need to be answered for yourself so as not to make a mistake in your choice.

In our time it is customary to just meet people, not really thinking about your choice and the seriousness of the relationship. Dating is fun, but you should not just meet with anyone because you are afraid of being alone. Look closely at your partner, perhaps in her / it is the quality that you have been looking for so long. Do not make the wrong conclusions, not allowing the relationship to go too far.

If you realize that relationships do not lead to anything good, they are best to stop immediately. The desire to continue a comfortable relationship or to meet out of pity only complicates your true goal of finding your soul mate.

Search for a kindred soul will take a lot of time, be patient and do not stop searching in case of failure.

It is necessary to identify the main features by which you can determine that you have found your soul mate:

1. Strong physical attraction to each other.
2. Great interest in each other’s inner world.
3. Common interests.
4. The existence of common values.
5. Respect for each other.
6. He / she will make you feel really special …
7. Someone who really ignites a flame of passion in you will help you open up, become better.
8. Separation of common emotions.

These are the most important signs that you have found a soul mate. In fact, when this happens, you will understand. And if you met such a person, be careful. The main thing is not to rush, try to get to know each other better, get accustomed to each other, build the foundation of your relationship thoroughly, do not yield to the impulses of passion. When you both feel that you have found each other in your dreams, then you can move on to a new level of relationships. The fact that you will move towards your common happiness is the most accurate sign that you have found that person …


There are several ways to get to know a soul mate in your life. The first (and most obvious, if you think about it) is to ask.If you work with your guardian angel, discuss with him your desire to find a soul mate. Listen carefully to what he will tell you. Or, if you communicate differently, pay attention to the signals, events and dreams that will come to you after the conversation. Guardian angels can communicate with each other if they are asked by people, so ask your guardian angel to find the guardian angel of your kindred spirit and join forces to organize your meeting.

Another possibility is to seek help from an archangel or an enlightened master.You can either ask that a suitable spirit respond to your request, or turn to the archangel Hamail, the angel of romantic relationships. Many angels work with him, and they will help you find a soul mate. Hamail helps to find the lost, whether it is a physical object, a close person or a relationship. When you ask him for help, believe that he is with you and answer your call. Snore patience and know that a soul mate will come to your life at the right time for both of you.


Write about your desires. Most of us think about what they would like to find in their lives, but rarely write down these requests. But the very process of translating our needs into paper strengthens their ability to attract what we want. Therefore it makes senseWrite down the characteristics of the kindred soul you would like to meet. Ideally, you should not go into unnecessary physical details, because you can be so carried away by looking for someone who looks like this description, that you will not notice a soul mate who may look completely different. Better concentrate on the character and personality, as well as on the relationships that you would like to create. And always ask that your relationship be for the benefit of all participants.

Write a list of preferred qualities of a kindred soul that will help her come into your life.

Having finished listing the qualities of your soulmate, put the list in a safe place and believe that at the right time this request will be fulfilled. You can periodically reread it, but do not fix it so much to forget about the rest of your life. You do not know in advance when and where you will meet the desired soul mate. It can happen at a party that you did not want to go to, in a supermarket where you would be terribly in a hurry, or even at a bus stop.

Dream. Maybe at school the teachers did not approve of your dreaminess, but this is a very effective way to draw what you want into your life. Why not dream about meeting your soulmate?Listen to your intuition. When you meet a soul mate in a dream, let your whole body be filled with love and ecstasy. It will help you to attract her into your life. Your unconscious does not see the difference between a dream and reality, therefore, for example, your heart starts to beat faster when someone threatens someone in the film. You can use this by telling the unconscious that the desire has already occurred. In response, it will attract this event to make it happen in reality.


If you have not found your soulmate yet, then you have not solved some problems that divide you. 

According to reincarnation, a group of souls are united by kinship ties before it is incarnated on Earth. And in this unity you can meet friends, parents, lovers – all those close to you and those who go hand in hand with us and help us build our earthly lives. When we first meet with our kindred souls, we “recognize” each other, and between us suddenly there is a feeling of mutual sympathy, lightness and an understanding in communication, in which it is not necessary to go into additional exhausting explanations. Similar thoughts and feelings, the same tastes, a look at life, a sense of humor and even gestures, facial expressions and gait, understanding with a half-word or one glance-this kind of kinship of souls develops over more than one life. Their energies vibrate at the same frequencies.

There are two versions of people’s opinions about kindred spirits. Some believe that in the world there is only one single truly soul-mate. Their union is the union of the two halves into one whole or the super-soul, divided into two bodies. When a person meets her, he realizes that he has finally found what he has been looking for all his life.
Others say that the person has many souls. These are the souls that help a person to go through all of his life’s lessons and pass them along with him – and that’s how karma is done. Some of them follow the man all the way of his life, while others leave as soon as they fulfill their task.

In one thing, you can be absolutely sure: your souls have long been familiar, because you have been together more than one life. You had such a serious relationship and strong feelings that you are now connected for centuries with strong ties, by which you will surely find each other.

Perhaps this person was your spouse or friend in a very bright past life, full of events and actions. Even if it was a lot of incarnations back, a bright karmic imprint of these events is preserved at the cellular level. In addition, your Higher “I” knows everything. A person suddenly enters your life and stuns by your very presence. Perhaps he did not even say a word, and is not very sociable at all – but you feel how every cell of his body cries: “I know you!” Most likely, it’s your soulmate. The attraction to this person is an amazingly strong manifestation of the energy of the past. A spark is the word that most accurately describes what can happen between you. If you find such love, cherish it and do not let it fade away, for it is sacred and carries in itself the seeds of the Spirit itself.
Richard Bach "Bridge through Eternity":

Richard Bach “Bridge through Eternity”:

A native soul is someone who has the keys to our locks, and whose keys our keys fit. When we feel so safe that we can open our locks, then our most genuine “I” come forward to meet each other, and we can be completely and sincerely who we are. Then we are loved as we are, not as we try to be. Each opens the best side of the other. And despite all the things that make us suffer, with this person we feel prosperity as in paradise.
A native soul is one who shares our deepest aspirations, our chosen direction of movement. If we are moving together like balloons, we are very likely that we have found each other in the right person.
A native soul is one by whom you begin to live an authentic life … To go 

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