Structure of the seducing.

Structure of the seducing

Hello, dear friend! I still meet “pikaper” which don’t understand that such mutual understanding and an inclination! I will cut out this subject once and for all… (according to Bed boy, the scheme is the cornerstone of a seducing to – to reach mutual understanding)

At first, that such inclination?

Inclination, this feeling which appears in our bodies when we want something. It can be the car, the girl, the house, anything… As well as any feeling, it will leave over time. For example, when we speaking about cars, I become beside himself if I pass near red Ferrari! Why?

Because it is an example of the car of my dream!

The car of my dream has to be red or yellow, she has to have a powerful engine, the design has to be magnificent, it has to be fast and with the abrupt status. When I see such car, I will tell awesomely!

Now what is wanted by the cool girl? How the guy of her dream looks?

  • Handsome
  • Self-assured
  • Interesting
  • With good sense of humour
  • Not the bore
  • He knows what she wants
  • He takes, the fact that she wants
  • It is a prize
  • It is magnificent in a bed
  • It is a call for her

What will happen to her when she sees the similar guy? She WILL FEEL an inclination to it… It is an instinct and it goes from emotional the parties; in a part of a brain where all instincts are stored.

Let’s me explain – our brain is divided into two parts…

On an emotional brain and a logical brain! A logical brain for things such as mathematics, rules, words, syntax, public morals, etc. This place where is stored everything that has taught you society to. This brain as hard drive! When we are born, the hard drive is empty!

The emotional brain controls our instincts and reacts intuitively to color, music, a rhythm, beauty, fear etc…

Everything about what we tell “it difficultly to explain” and “it since the birth” is stored in me here (in most cases)

Instincts of girls say that she has to receive the guy who is courageous, self-assured, the ALPHA and knows how to survive.


It goes from millions years ago.

It goes since when women chose guys who had the greatest chance to survive. It was a right choice because of qualities of the Alpha and the good gen. Today, MONEY often gives strength which was given BY MUSCLES…

Money, gives strength, and force is that they really want. Feeling that the guy will lead her on life surely and safely this that what they want.

The familiar model has told me once, “The guy has to be STRONGER than me. It isn’t important whether there will be it his money, the career, the status, confidence, the main thing it is BETTER than me! I like to feel when the guy is stronger than me” And is what they really want. It can’t be explained, it is put by the nature.

Yesterday I have asked my girl, to describe me on 3 words. Her answer was quite amusing!

1) Authoritative

2) Wild

3) Interesting

The authority is created by leadership skills, confidence and to the relation to life in general… I know that I want, and I will get it.

Wild? Hmm… Possibly therefore every day with me a new adventure. She never knows what will occur even if we just watch houses TV.

Interesting… Her words, “Because you can stir about anything for hours and it is really interesting to listen to it”

When you show her, what she wants in the ideal guy, you will attract her. If you haven’t received interest signs, it means you to it haven’t shown that she wants. It is simple.

After you have attracted her and have noticed interest signs, the girl is ready to mutual understanding!

Mutual understanding proceeds from three things:

  • Comfort
  • Trust
  • Communication

Mutual understanding is based in a logical brain because it is a public product. “You have to recognize at first the guy, you have to find CONTACT with him, you have to find a soul mate before oversleeping with him…”

Soulmates = 2 persons who are united by many usual hobbies, such as a hobby, books, music, sport, etc. If you HAVE really APPROACHED the person once, it is really difficult to destroy this communication. Really precisely to CATCH the girl, you have to occupy both brains, Logical and Emotional. If you have attracted without mutual understanding, then tomorrow morning when feelings from an inclination leave who will tear up her? Anybody! Only some interesting stranger…

In the return case if you have reached mutual understanding without attraction she will count you as the friend because there is no SPARK between you and her…

You have to reach an inclination, and mutual understanding to receive the girl.

Thank you for your attention. Have a good time!

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