Trying to have sex on first appointment. Subjects for a conversation with the girl.

Trying to have sex on first appointment. Subjects for a conversation with the girl.

You go on the first appointment? How to carry out it is good? About what to talk to the girl on the first appointment? How to choose the place? When to begin to touch her? What to speak with the girl about? Look for answers to these questions in our article!

Remember that if the girl has agreed to meet you, then you already something have hooked on her. You are already pleasant to her. Further – all in your hands.

If there is an hour of free time before a appointment – can disperse – to enter the corresponding form. Make a couple of approaches, be just thrown by couple of phrases with the little girls passing by you, and make him few compliments. All this will lighten you the mood and will help to be on an appointment more effective and self-assured.

The first rule of a successful appointment – to arrive on time! Many think that it is necessary to come by all means with a bouquet of flowers. It is optional though all the same remains on your discretion.

The place for an appointment can be any! (within reasonable)

Choosing the place, think over the following:
  1. It is desirable that nobody disturbed you in the course of your pleasant communication.
  2. The place has to be unusual. It will be additional plus in your moneybox. Girls love original guys.
  3. It is extremely desirable to conduct her to that place where you already were – it will give you confidence.

Remember that all emotions and experiences of the girl during yours with her appointments will be surely connected with you. And it is unimportant what has caused them actually – the unusual place, some events which aren’t depending on you or something else. Therefore try that during your meeting you were surrounded by as much as possible unusual and interesting!

What to speak on an appointment about?

It is absolutely possible to speak about anything.

First, to learn, each other is better – ask, than she is engaged, interested, fond, etc. Only don’t go too far – it shouldn’t resemble interrogation. Sincerely be interested in the girl – to you she is nice? And if isn’t present – what the hell you with her do that?!

Asking, than she is engaged, look for what unites you. It is absolutely simple. Always it is possible to find something the general between you. Thus, having adapted to its values, you can gain trust and gain her.

The best subject for a conversation is the subject about the relations between M and and everything that is connected with it. Ask her about the man’s ideal what qualities, in her opinion he has to possess. Listen and remember her answers. Take good note. It you have to be for her now. Surely start a conversation on sex. After the conversation on the general subjects on sex, it is possible to pass to her. Ask what was the most “bystry” sex in her life i.e. as quickly after acquaintance to the young man it was given him. What was the most unusual. The most memorable. And so on in the same key. Besides, don’t forget about calibration.

Now the most important!


Try to sit down not opposite to her, and near her. So it will be more convenient to you.

To touch the girl it is necessary to begin with the very first moment of your meeting:

Have met – embrace her for a waist and kiss on a cheek. You help crossing the road, you help to rise (to come downstairs) – offer a hand. But you shouldn’t be overzealous – it isn’t necessary to climb and touch her for a bum at once, it is worth avoiding rigid and too intimate touches. Be accurate and gallant. Remember – socially acceptable touches (giving of a hand, circulation under a hand, etc.) are quite adequate and normal both for you, and for her.

Options of processing of her excuses from your touches:

  • You: – cling (exposing an elbow)
  • She: – no, thanks.
  • You: – so it will be more convenient to both of us.


  • – you also so perfectly look, and together we in general will be irresistible.
  • – in this place can fine if to pass not under a hand.

Naturally, after any of phrases which you process her excuses, by it is necessary to do that has conceived (to take by hand – and you of what have thought?) Without asking her.

During a touches watch her reaction: if your touches – she are pleasant to her, without deliberating, offers to you a hand and detains her in yours. If are unpleasant – quickly cleans and it is rumpled before a tax. If the first option – everything is OK! You have been given green light. If isn’t present – be not upset. During communication slightly concern and stroke her hands – palms, shoulders, elbows. It will stir her interest in you. After a while take her by hand again. Also don’t forget about calibration.

On arrival into place it is possible to pass to more serious touches.

Let’s consider one of options.

You in the park also sit on a small bench. At once it is necessary to eliminate what can interfere with your artful plans: between you there should be no handbags, portfolios and another unnecessary crap. You have to fill this space.

Behave surely and freely, derive pleasure from everything, what are you doing. You want to embrace her – it isn’t necessary to do it accidentally, just take and embrace. Having embraced, remember about stroking’s! Easy, almost inaudible contacts will be able to warm any girl. Stroke her up to a palm, to a knee, outer side of a hip and the main thing – calibrate reaction. You see what is pleasant to her – continue if it is discharged – stop, take a step back and after a while start over again. When you notice that the girl is ready to a kiss – just make it. Slowly, without hurrying, get closer to her … ideal option – when she will stretch to you and will finish the movement begun by you.

If the girl “breaks” and doesn’t give itself to kiss – you touched her a little.

Everything is simple – she has to want that you have kissed her. And this her desire can be noticed easily. From here – excite a conclusion and then kiss. You can begin with a kiss in a neck and gradually reach lips.

Kisses at first have to be the lungs which are making advances – as if teasing the girl. Make several gentle, short kisses, and already then you can pass to more active actions. Also continue to watch her reaction! Develop the flexibility – it is very important.

Even during kisses don’t forget about a touches, iron the girl, play with her hair. Brings many girls when they are ironed around a nape (it is one of erogenous zones). You can gently run a hand over her neck from an ear to a breast. Gradually touches have to become more intimate and exciting – caress the internal surface of a hip, a back, hands, do light touches to a breast (the main thing, don’t go in cycles in one). When you see that the girl was enough excited (breath has become frequent, she began to show activity in touches, to move hips to your party, etc.) you can pass to caress of the most intimate of erogenous zones.

Then, after a while you should be discharged of the girl and to suggest to move to more romantic place (to you home). Remember that responsibility at the same time, has to lie only on you. It isn’t necessary to ask her about it (can, we will go to me home?) Surely take her and carry. You are a man – you solve. So it will be easier for it to justify itself before by itself. If you have made everything correctly, the girl already trusts you and is excited, then it will be very difficult to refuse her. And at good excitement and trust to you, she can suggest to retire somewhere to the suitable place. Good luck!

Thank you for your attention. Have a good time!

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