Unspoken rules of online acquaintances.

Unspoken rules of online acquaintances

Hello, dear friend! Oddly enough, but on dating sites there are rules of conduct too – ID etiquette (internetdating). Certainly, they secret, but all that who wishes not just to povirtualit and it is real with somebody to get acquainted and find to itself couple for the constant, full-fledged relations, we recommend to get acquainted with them:

Information in the questionnaire has to be reliable.

Of course, if you have a mass of free time, and you don’t know what it to borrow, but about anything serious in respect of the relations, you even don’t think, then, of course, on a dating site you can become some fairy tale character or a nonexistent animal, and as appropriate fill in the questionnaire. But if you, after all, want to get acquainted with someone to find to yourself couple, to start a torrid and passionate love affair, or to establish a family, then everything needs to be specified in the questionnaire as is actually, unvarnished. Many sin with the fact that they underestimate age and weight, overestimate growth and education level, but it is impossible to do it at all. For most of users excess centimeters, kilograms and years are essentially important, and deception will manage to be hidden only prior to a meeting in real. Hopes for what he won’t notice or she won’t pay attention to deception – isn’t necessary. Will notice and will turn. Result: downtime and the spoiled mood from an unsuccessful appointment at both.

The present and realistic photos.

The only way to prove to be online and to give the chance to applicants to look at you is photos. Photos have to be loaded. Not strangers, not 5-year and not collective (we will play a game: “guess where I”), and your, high quality and isn’t more senior than two years. If within these two years you have cardinally changed the shape – have grown or have lost hair, to yourself have increased something or have independently increased in volumes, means it is necessary to take pictures new (new) itself and them and to place. There are no photos – not an argument. Means, it is necessary to make. To ask the friend, the girlfriend or the relative, or to make a professional photo-shoot. At the worst, photograph yourself on the webcam or in a mirror. The majority places the best photos because want to receive more messages, but, it not the most important. The dating site is only the tool and a way of acquaintance. It is much more important to find that person who looks for you, it or such as you. By the way, “I will send lack of a photo with the text formulation to mail” is bad manners. There is an impression that you from someone hide something or you disappear.

Who has found the first, that also has written first.

A bit different rules, than in life work at a dating site. Women don’t need to wait until men write a greeting. Have seen the one who was pleasant, designate the sympathy, having at least sent a smile or a sample greeting because if not to make it, the man can think that he hasn’t interested you, and too won’t show attention signs. On dating sites even brutal males become inert and not ready to resolute actions that it is also wrong.

Biographical particulars need to be read.

If you were interested in someone from users and you has begun with him correspondence, or you were interested in that or that who has written to you work attentively to read contents of his (her) questionnaire. Actually, questionnaires contain very valuable information. She will allow to find to you subjects for messages and will help to understand the virtual interlocutor better. Besides, to ask about what is specified in the questionnaire also indifference manifestation is considered bad form that irritates one, and – upsets others.

No to spam and text preparations.

We return you to the fact that online correspondence and the number of messages and responses – aren’t end in itself. The quantity doesn’t mean quality therefore there is no need to send sample greetings to everyone in hope that though someone will answer, and farther it will be visible. It is necessary to write messages and to answer only to those who interests you and is pleasant. And only of the Message and a greeting have to be address. Perhaps, a little not harmonious and clumsy, but addressed to the one to whom you have written them. Banality and mass character is always easily guessed and not appreciated, isn’t taken seriously.

Correspondence in dialogue.

Imagine ball game. You throw – throw to you. Now present that messages and questions are a same ball. If “have thrown” to you, then you have to “throw” in reply. Certainly, in case the interlocutor is interesting to you. It is necessary “to throw” both answers to the asked questions, and counter questions. Ideally, questions and answers have to go mixed up with reasoning’s. They will dilute your “interview” and will make it more sincere and pleasant. Try not to give terse answers – they are perceived by the interlocutor as lack of interest. Also, if you have a specific humour or acquaintances say that you just don’t have it – try not to joke online. The virtual contact with the stranger – is so fragile that any message which wasn’t pleasant or has been incorrectly interpreted can nullify communication. Generally, don’t try to shock or surprise and don’t write ambiguous messages.

Not to tighten with an appointment.

You have to understand that online acquaintance and correspondence are only the first, short stage of communication which helps to find nice to you the person and to obtain some primary information on the one who is he than is engaged where lives that loves and what wants in the short term from life in general. If the received answers were pleasant to you, then it is necessary to turn into reality. It is necessary to make it quicker, than your imagination will begin to draw fantastic pictures not to be disappointed and just not to waste time. Multi-day correspondence can easily keep within an hour appointment during which everything will become clear.

“Surfing” harms the relations.

If the person with whom you have gone on a date to you was pleasant, and you have felt that this sympathy is mutual, it is necessary to stop at least for some time infinite surfing on dating site open spaces, even if you aren’t sure that searches have stopped also the second party. Look behind his (her) behavior and feel whether so he (she) reaches for you as you reach for he (she). Or he (she) has doubts, and he (she) should be convinced that you are that is necessary. Is it normal. You choose and you are chosen. Sometimes the choice doesn’t coincide. What? If you were chosen, then it is possible to return on the website and to continue to get acquainted. But, if, you after all want to try to construct the relations with this person – the desire and readiness needs to be shown. If desire and readiness are, but at the same time both of you continue to sit on a dating site, checking questionnaires, getting acquainted and communicating, then feelings from that successful appointment to the pleasant person will quickly be greased and will be forgotten. And searches of an ideal is a utopia and the prospect will grow old, without leaving a dating site therefore it is very important to stop in time.

Thank you for your attention. Have a good time!

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