What can you give a beloved girl just so without any reason: the most interesting ideas

What can you give a beloved girl just so without any reason

What can you give a beloved girl just so without any reason: the most interesting ideas

Why not make a girl an unexpected gift without any reason? Small gifts will always cheer up and create the image of a caring and considerate partner. Such presents can be purchased in the store, and made with your own hands. An unexpected gift is often more pleasant than a specific holiday.


This gift is sure to surprise any person. Very few people remember the existence of such a service in the Internet age.

You can send a telegram with the help of OJSC Rostelecom, whose representative offices are in each city of regional or district significance.

You can send a simple telegram, or you can use an artistic form , which is a postcard with a picture.

The cost of the telegram will be 30 rubles, each word of the text will be paid separately in the amount of 2 rubles. 50 copecks.

Letter by hand

It is sent and mailed, and handed in person in an unreinforced envelope. This way they write beautiful words, talk about their feelings, share pleasant memories …

Letters written by hand are kept for years and they are re-read, returning to warm memories.

The hard part is to write everything neatly and without errors.

If you do not have enough imagination, you can simply rewrite the famous love poem and add a couple of lines at the end already from yourself.

The cost of the letter when delivered by mail will be about 13 rubles.

Warm Thing

“Warm” should be taken literally. The gift is relevant in the winter, when many are cold.

At the height of New Year’s holidays, Christmas fairs are organized in the cities, where woolen socks with the famous Scandinavian pattern are sold. They also buy cozy scarves or sweaters.

It is worth considering that “large” items of the wardrobe, such as a sweater, may not fit in size or color.

Socks will necessarily be warmed and will cost in the price from 300 to 500 rubles. A gift is sure to please a girl who likes to be outdoors and loves active sports.


A universal gift that is not suitable only if the girl is allergic to pollen.

More information on how to choose and present a beautiful bouquet can be read in this article .

Indoor plants are given only if the girl really loves them. They require special care, so few like to bother with them. But a small pot with a violet or prickly flowering cactus looks very nice.


The book does not necessarily mean fiction. Every person has a passion about which they have already written.

If a girl loves to travel, give guidebooks. If you like tea or coffee, then a book about the history and traditions of making this drink is ideal. They also give collections of funny stories. For example, Daniil Kharms: they fell in love with almost everyone who has ever become acquainted with the work of this writer.

We recently went to the movies for a film that the girl liked very much – find out if the book is based on the picture.

Useful tips for choosing a book as a gift to a girl can be found in this article .

The cost of the book is from 50 rubles and more. Many are on the Internet quite cheaply, but delivery sometimes completely covers the difference in price

Music Playlist

No one uses cassettes and CDs, but it does not prohibit the giving of music to a girl. Make a good playlist of her favorite songs and similar songs and “throw off” her on social networks. To make it look beautiful, you should add some background.

A good idea is to find the soundtracks for her favorite films. In foreign paintings use songs that accurately convey a variety of moods.

If you want to buy a beautiful flash drive and make several of these playlists. So the girl under each situation will have at hand music that will remind her of you.

Sweet gift

Sweet gift

Chocolates and sweets – although nice things, but the idea is already outdated. In many bakeries now sell muffins and capkakes, which are applied to the drawing you are interested in. This may be the first letter of the girl’s name, your joint initials or even a schematic portrait of the second half.

Be careful! Such a gift may not suit a girl who is on a diet

This very nice gift will be remembered without any reason.

So, as you can see, a lot depends on the imagination of the man. Each idea can be adapted to a specific girl, because in any case, you must take into account the nature, interests and temperament of the young lady. And it depends on you how often you will make such gifts without any reason. But the more often, the more pleasant, of course.

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