What to present to the girl?

What to present to the girl

Time to talk about gifts for the girl. I think, all know that any girl will estimate the diamond presented to her of the size of a fist, or the Mercedes vehicle. But to make such gifts — it is often too problematic therefore it is worth thinking of cheaper options which will approach both for birthday and in usual days. Here I have collected the most interesting options of gifts which even the school student or the student is able to afford.

Girls, you shouldn’t read this article, let these gifts for you a surprise will be better. And guys I ask to share the experience in comments.

Before deciding what to present to the girl, it is necessary to think what is pleasant to her. It is necessary to remember what she the person and what can be pleasant to her. It is possible to ask her girlfriends. Sometimes the simple bouquet of flowers can cause much more emotions, than very expensive jewelry.

So, everything that it is necessary was discussed, now we pass to the list of gifts:

  1. Let’s begin with the simplest. The flowers. The flowers can be given to the girl constantly, and they will never bore her. It is possible to order flowers with home delivery and with a note “From the secret admirer”, and then in couple of days to come to it in a t-shirt on which it is written “The secret admirer”.
  1. One more simple gift for the girl – a plush toy. It isn’t necessary to take first, an optimal option it to choose a toy and to tell the girl: “This toy has reminded me of ours with you the first appointment”, etc. Romantically.
  1. Sometimes girls say what to present to them. Not directly of course, and delicate hints and casually the thrown words. Remember, maybe, the girl has hinted you that she would like to receive.
  1. You want that a girl constantly thought of you? There is nothing more simply, present her a mug or a pillow with your photo. Then you will constantly flash at her before eyes.
  1. You can present her very big pencil and very small diary. Let writes down the great thoughts.
  2. Necklace, earrings or bracelet – not necessarily very expensive, the main thing that was special. Especially the bracelet has to be unique that she bragged to the girlfriends.
  3. Song! If you play the guitar or any other musical instrument, then you can write and sing her the song. Even if you badly sing, the girl will estimate your efforts. Write down a rap. Too option.
  4. Verse. You aren’t able to sing? Write her a verse.
  5. If you communicate with computer, you can make the small movie about you with her. It can be fragments from video, a photo. “Ulead Video Studio” will help you with it, there are many opportunities to make the unpretentious movie of photos.
  6. Parachute jump, flight in the balloon – a good gift for girls who love adventures.
  7. If you never prepared before for her, then can buy her flowers and make a dinner by candlelight. Only you should try an omelet and a toast – not option.
  8. You can paint a picture and present it in a frame. It can turn out not all that well, but she will estimate it not worse than Picasso. Or if finance allows — simply to buy the pleasant picture.
  9. Ticket for a concert of favorite band. Of course not one ticket, but two that you with her together descended.

Thank you for your attention. Have a good time!

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