What writing to the girl on a dating site.

What writing to the girl on a dating site

With development of the Internet, communicative opportunities of people have considerably improved. The Internet helps people to find new acquaintances for the most various purposes including for the relations. Moreover, there are special websites which have been created especially for that people could find the relations. However sometimes even on such websites it is difficult for guys to strike up acquaintance to the girl. Therefore before them there is a question of what to write to the girl on a dating site to begin communication with her.

How to prepare the questionnaire on a dating site?

If you have decided on acquaintance to the girl by means of the specialized website, then you will need to be prepared for it. And if at acquaintance in real life the guy needs to take care of the appearance, then to strike up a conversation with the girl on a dating site,  young man needs to prepare the questionnaire. How the questionnaire will be prepared, success of acquaintance in many respects depends. So it is necessary to approach this question especially seriously. If not to pay to preparation of the questionnaire on a dating site due attention, then she will look damp and is uninteresting, as well as a set of other pages. In this case, even really original and unusual message cannot interest girl, she will look at your questionnaire first of all. By preparation it is necessary to pay special attention to photos in the questionnaire, and alson how she is filled. If information in it isn’t enough, then fill in empty columns. So, it will be simpler to girl to recognize you.

What it is impossible to write to the girl for acquaintance at all?

  1. If you want to get acquainted with the girl, then in the first message don’t use at all trite phrases with which recommend to begin communication on the Internet. Such phrases will definitely not hook on the girl. Moreover, sample messages for acquaintance so have become boring to all that some of them were turned into a joke. For example, phrase “Hi! Your parents, incidentally, not …?” has generated a huge number of jokes. So at the beginning of communication with the girl on a dating site, it is better to write to her by the own words. It let to turn out not so beautifully as with sample preparation, but such message precisely will interest the lady more.
  2. It isn’t necessary to ask lady to give phone number in the first message. With a bigger share of probability she won’t give number to you. Moreover, such impudence in the first message can push away the girl from further communication with you. If the girl gives you the phone number on your request in the first message, then it will be at least strange to look. It is possible to assume that the lady has a desperate situation and she distributes the numbers to the right and on the left to be hooked though for someone.

What it is possible to write to the girl on the website for acquaintance?

  1. Before writing to the lady who was pleasant to you on a dating site, thoroughly study her page that to know her better. Look through not only photos of the girl to estimate her appearance, but also read information on her interests and vital views. Special attention should be paid on columns of the questionnaire on a dating site which the girl filled in with own words. In such columns the girls usually writing that they really are interested in life, for example, economy, psychology, painting, classical music, literature and another. If in the list of your hobbies there are those which coincide with interests of your darling, then it will be much simpler to you to write to her.

Begin a conversation with the similar phrase: “Hello. Has come across your questionnaire and has decided to check it as I had liked your photo. You are really beautiful. Checking your questionnaire, I couldn’t but notice that you are interested “any interest or hobby which has been specified by the girl in the questionnaire”. This subject is interesting to me too. And I think, we could talk about it”. You shouldn’t use this phrase as a template, entering in it only interest of the girl. But you can use her during creation of own message that it was more personal.

If you choose this way, then you have to consider the fact that some girls, filling in the questionnaire, try to little embellish it. For example, in the column of girl interests it can be specified “Early impressionists”. But in practice it can become clear that the girl doesn’t even know who is Claude Monet.

During studying of the questionnaire of the girl it is also worth paying attention and to sample sections, for example, “Favorite movies”, “Favorite books” and “Favorite music”. Having studied these sections, you can begin a conversation, being guided by information which is completed in them. So, for example, if in the section on favorite movies you have seen the name ” Inception  “, then in the first message you can write so: “Hello. Has seen that you like the movie  «Inception “. Excellent picture! You watched something else from Christopher Nolan? I recommend to look at “Prestige” from the same director”. Movies and directors can be any. The main thing – to write the girl about works of those directors, with works as which you are familiar personally. It is impossible just to look at the list of favorite movies of the lady, and then to check what pictures were shot by this or that director and to advise them to the girl. The matter is that not all movies of the same director can be equally good. So write only about those pictures at which you have looked personally.

If in the questionnaire on a dating site at the girl her favorite band is specified, then in the first message you can ask her what song from this collective is pleasant to her most of all. However before it is necessary to listen to creativity of that group about which you are going to write to the girl. After you make it, can write to the lady: “Hello. And what song of the name group to be pleasant to you most of all?” This phrase can become ideal option of acquaintance to the girl, you will find common interests with the lady at once.

In the same way it is possible to arrive also with literature, having studied what books are pleasant to the lady, it is possible to start acquaintance to her, being guided by this information. You can advise the similar book or the author. It will show to the girl that you the widely-read young man. Lady more willingly meet such guys.

Surely study the questionnaire of the girl who was pleasant to you before writing her. In this case, your chances of the positive result of acquaintance will increase many times.

  1. Correct compliment. Each girl loves compliments. But compliment need to be not just beauty and original, buy also truthful. Therefore you can begin your acquaintance with well thought over compliment which will be not only beautiful and original, but also truthful. If the girl understands that you lie to her, then she for certain won’t want to continue acquaintance to you. So before being scattered in compliments, it is necessary to check her questionnaire to find for what really she can be praised.

If in the questionnaire on a dating site the girl has photos from the gym, then it means that the girl loves sport and keeps the figure. In this case it is possible to praise her body. However it is necessary to make it not vulgarly, but correct. That is, it is necessary to place emphasis how the girl has worked on that group of muscles. For example, it is possible to write so: “Hello. Has watched your photos and, frankly speaking, I am delighted. You have perfectly worked over the figure. How long you are engaged in the gym?” This option will become in the ideal way to get acquainted with the girl who’s liked sports. And as now most of girls liked sports, this way of acquaintance will suit much.

That is, compliments need to be done to girls on the websites not about with what they were awarded by the nature, and to praise what the lady had to work properly at. It isn’t necessary to praise beauty of the girl, she hasn’t affected it in any way. With nature has awarded, and the girl practically hasn’t affected it in any way. Therefore it isn’t necessary to praise her for appearance. Instead it is necessary to look narrowly at her clothes, make-up, the questionnaire and other trifles. It is better to praise them as the girl has laid the hand to all this. Moreover, it is pleasant to many ladies when men pay attention to such trifles.

Rum of that, compliments have to be simple and laconic. It is better to refrain from various literary turns such. It is necessary to avoid such phrases: “eyes as two oceans”, “it is beautiful as an angel” and similar. Such phrases are beautiful and pertinent only in books and verses. At acquaintance to the girl it is better to avoid them as such phrases irritate, but don’t impress girls.

  1. Consider photos of the girl and pay attention to where she has visited. For example, if you notice the photo from Rome or other world-famous city, then you can begin a conversation with a question of how to it the Eternal city. If the lady has posted similar photos, then she is proud of the fact that she managed to visit this or that known place. Therefore it will be for certain interesting to it to talk on this subject.
  2. To hook up the girl that she has wanted to communicate with you, you can provoke her. You can write her the ironic and provocative message concerning her appearance or certain information in her questionnaire. The girl for certain will want to answer such provocation to you. So at you acquaintance can quickly be started.

However you have to understand that your ironic comment towards the girl has to be not rough and clear. If the girl apprehends your provocation as an insult, then you can forget about acquaintance to her. So this way needs to be used extremely carefully, you can spoil everything from the first message. So before writing the lady the provocative message, well think. There is a probability that the message which seems to you harmless and amusing will be offensive and unpleasant for the girl.

For example, you can write to her that in this or that photo on her the beautiful dress is put on, however, the handbag is picked up to it incorrectly. It for certain will touch the girl, but her female curiosity will compel her will respond to such message. The answer can be approximately such: “What not so with a handbag?”. After that you can begin to improvise in the messages.

  1. Beginning communication with the girl on a dating site, it is necessary to try to show the sense of humour. Most of girls appreciates this quality most of all. So if at communication with the girl you will manage to joke successfully, then she for certain will estimate it.
  2. It is necessary to remember that text messages cannot always transfer intonation of a joke, and she can be misunderstood. So it is necessary to try to joke so that it has definitely not touched your darling. Besides, it is necessary to forget about trite jokes which you exchange with the friends. Communication has to be first of all correct.

Useful tips

  1. Be not too annoying. Though in real life girls most often like impudent, persistent and self-assured men, but on the Internet this principle doesn’t work. If constantly to bother the girl with the messages, then she for certain will want to stop communication with you. So even after successful acquaintance to the lady be not too annoying and don’t get her every day questions, for example, “How are you doing?” or “How was your day”.
  2. It isn’t necessary to shower compliments to the girl. It doesn’t mean that at all you shouldn’t praise her and to emphasize the dignity of the lady, but also constantly it isn’t necessary to place emphasis on it also. The girl can think that your frequent compliments are in veracious, and you say them only for, that that it will be pleasant to her. Girls love compliments, but it isn’t pleasant to them when guys, trying to be pleasant, lie to them, speaking about their beauty, sense of humour and vital views.

Besides, because of frequent compliments the girl can think that you it is crazy about her. And if she so thinks, then for certain will begin to treat you coldly and detached. Still Pushkin wrote that for this purpose to be pleasant to the lady, it is necessary to show the feelings to her minimum. So after acquaintance to the girl on the website it isn’t necessary to shower compliments to her from legs to the head. But if you want to write to the girl a compliment, then it has to be truthful.

  1. You watch literacy of the speech in messages. Even really beautiful, original and non-standard message by means of which you are going to begin communication with the pleasant girl can spoil impression about you if in him there are gross grammatical blunders. So in messages which you send to girls on dating sites you need to watch literacy of a yard surely.

We hope to you article was pleasant. Prior to new meetings.

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